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Breeding traditional style Rough Collies ! 



'Shasta' is another of our happy males and another of our imports, this time from Finland. Although he is an import, he is sired by International Champion Wicani Dragonsblood 'Paddy' our of Wicani Shameless beauty. No wonder he has slotted right into life here at Wicani, it is his ancestral home!

We are patiently waiting for Shasta to mature but meanwhile he sired his first litter which has blown us away in terms of quality, in fact we have kept three of them!

Shasta is another highly mischievous dog who will be more than happy to sneak off with any forbidden fruits he can lay his paws on!

He is cea clear (dna tested carrier) 

mdr1 +/+ (the best result) and he is free of dm and pra. So another healthy and happy male of whom we are happy to include in our stud team. Below is a head study, showing what a super finish he has to his lovely head. He is also exceptionally well constructed.


'Magnum' is a dog that dreams are made of, he is big, he is majestic, he is bomb proof. In this photo he was very young, and he has matured into a dog we continue to be extremely proud of. However in spite of having lots of photos showing him fully mature, this photo remains a favourite of mine, so I have used it here. 

Last year we took him to his very first (and only) show under world renouned expert Frank Kane where he placed second in a strong limit dog clas, not bad for a dog that had never stepped foot inside a dog show ring before and was relatively untrained. However Magnum is one of those dogs who takes every life throws at him in his stride, and he loved the whole experience! 

Magnum is a proven sire. He is cea clear (dna tested carrier) he is also free of DM and PRA. However only bitches that have been dna tested mdr1 +/+ can be mated to him, as he himself is -/-

We hope to enjoy some of his puppies (the first to be born in our own kennel) next year (2018) the chosen 'wife' being  Wicani True T' the Mistress who is cea non carrier, mdr1 +/+ and free of dm and pra...so if you are interested in this special litter please mention it by email, it is advisable to book early. 

'Arthur' is another young male who is already proving to be a very worthy 'keeper' for our select kennel. Arthur is only 21 months of age at the time of this photo.
Arthur is a cea non carrier meaning every one of his puppies will be born unaffected by cea. He is one of an extremely small minority in this respect. He is also mdr1 +/+ (the best) dm free and pra free. He will be hip scored later this year. His sire is Van-M Music Man at Wicani and his beautiful 'mum' is Wicani Flawless Diamond (daughter of our top sire of the past, Wicani Waltz of the New Moon 'Neon' )
Arthur already has puppies on the ground (not in our own kennel) and is an incredibly efficient stud dog!

We have several young males waiting in the wings, and when photos are available we shall add them to this page. Watch out for Wicani Sharp Dressed Man 'ZZ'  
ZZ is the only cea affected tricolour male in the kennel, however he is free of all clinical signs of this disease and it is none progressive. Also, as just about other collie  in the country is also cea affected, we would be childish to worry too much! We also have plenty of cea non carrier girls that we can mate with him at some future point, if we choose to. In our opinion, he is also one of the most handsome male collies we have bred for some time, being very reminiscent of the late great Wicani Whats New Pussycat 'Khan' ZZ is also free of pra, dm and he is mdr1 +/+ (best results in those departments) 
Simon is a brother of ZZ and he is a non carrier of cea, he will never produce an affected puppy. He is also mdr1 +/+, pra free and dm free. Simon is an extremely elegant young male and reminds us of a dog from the past we loved named Vonarkle Lyonhart. 
We feel extremely privileged to own such an incredible team of tricolour boys. Our team includes no less than three dogs that are dna tested and proven to be completely free, both clinically and genetically, of cea. (Collie eye anomaly) To those  without any understanding of how valuable this is, they are quite possibly the only tricolour cea non carrier males available at stud, here in England. They are as rare as rocking horse droppings!

photo below is Wicani Simon Templar age 9 months. 


age 8 months!

'ZZ' is one of our up and coming young males....we love him!

A son of Dispiritos Shasta Madre and Churchoak Temptress at Wicani