WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


Truth does not speak from ego.
Truth does not criticise in order to boast about oneself.
cuts with a healing blade.
Truth is consistent.

Thank you Laura Van-Embden for your incredible contribution to improving health in the Rough Collie and particularly your dedication to preserving a true clear eye gene. You are also amongst the few that have hip scored for very many generations. OFA is filled with results from your Collies.

You have provided a fabulous chance for kennels such as ours and many others, to introduce a CEA normal eye gene into our Breeding stock.
Not only this, but you have continuously maintained type, because your priority has been health, and therefore you avoided any exaggerations of fashion. Because of this, your Dogs are very similar to UK bred Collies of a bygone era (1960-1970) and by incorporating them into my own bloodlines, you enable me to raise the standard in my own kennel. The results are incredible!
You are not given to boasting...so I boast for you. You are not given to public naming, slandering and criticism of other breeders who take from you and then attempt to discredit you. Such people could learn from your shining professionalism.
I am honoured to share your knowledge and friendship.
Over the past few years we have brought to our kennel 6 Normal eyed Rough Collies, 5 male and 1 female. These are all bred from various combinations of American Van-M bloodlines and we are thrilled by the result we are experiencing by combining these carefully chosen Collies with our previous Wicani bred Collies. 

Another kennel who i consider to be my fellow 'pioneers'  is the McLeod's kennel in Switzerland. The 'Hess' family are proving themselves to be breeders with integrity, interested in the Breeds future, and producing healthy collies of correct type. Consequently we have imported two of our super  team of imports from McLeod's Collies in Switzerland. 

To maintain diversity we continue to bring more new genes to the 'melting pot'

In 2012 we brought over directly from America Van-M Music Man plays Wicani who is a non carrier for CEA, and in February 2013 we brought McLeod's Dealers Illegal Dancer from Switzerland. This boy has inherited the normal eye gene from his cea non carrier dam, and brings a fresh line through his sire American Ch Milas Illegal Latin. He is a handsome lad born from an excellent litter in which the genes of both parents combined extremely well. Our boy Neon is in America and we shall be bringing one of his cea normal eyed sons home to Wicani, watch out for new blue male 'Beret' later this year! We also have plans to bring a new female from Angela Reul in Spain, a daughter of Wicani Wind in her Hair and Yesterday's Hero of Dawn Harbour. We also plan another sable male, again from Laura Vanembden but this time carrying some rather different combinations in his pedigree. So much excitement...!!!!! 

above a sneak preview of our gorgeous 'girl of the future' Astromelias Windblown Tresses 'Maud' our gorgeous daughter of Amelia age 7 weeks! 

 and below a sneak preview of our handsome 'man of the future' Van-M Feather in his Cap 'Beret' our gorgeous son of 'Neon' age 3 months! 




We have chosen to take the RED pill...what about you?