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My first appointment at an All Breed general Championship Show and i thank exhibitors for a tremendous entry!
I believe it is of vital importance a judge maintain integrity to the breed. The dogs presented before me today were in some instances of widely differing
type and in various stages of coat, maturity and condition, awards were given based on this. I am certain that several dogs could change places in the future.
I feel privileged to have drawn such a fabulous entry, THANK YOU, in what developed into difficult circumstances i am very thankful of the support from so many. 

BIRMINGHAM CITY 3RD September 2011-09-05



I would like to extend a big thank you to the 65 exhibitors who supported me with a wonderful entry of 68, 64 of you took my decisions with grace and good sportsmanship.

Veteran D. (2:1)

1)       1) Phillip's BOUGHLEE BLACK DOMINO.   Tricolour in gleaming condition and looking very young for his nine years. Nice general outline, good bone, clean head and neat ears which he used to advantage, kind, intelligent, expressive eyes. Moves without effort although a little close behind. A happy boy enjoying a good rapport with his handler.

Puppy D. (5:3)

1)       1) Howard's DEMELEWIS CATCHMYDRIFT.  Eye catching blue merle that instantly appealed for his elegant outline and fitted coat of sparkling clarity. Circled the ring with confidence and strength, good forward reach and sound rear action. Love his length and arch of neck, length to height proportions, round bone and neat feet. Head is of good length with a cleanness through the cheeks that promises to develop into a classic wedge without flare in skull or bulk around the eye sockets. Would like a slightly larger eye. Neat well used ears, responsive and intelligent in disposition. A very promising puppy.

2)       2) Blake's DEMELEWIS CATCH THE BLUES FOR CORYDON. Litter brother but very different in type. I preferred this boys eye and expression, and he has a wonderful finish to his muzzle and chin.  However his colour lacks clarity, and he cannot match the construction and movement of his sibling.  

3)       3) Greenfield's KACASSAN ROYAL DOULTON. Such a pity this lovely youngster would not play the game for me!

Junior D. (5:1)

1)      1)  White's CAPRIORA GREY OWL. What a super young dog this is!  Coat of good colour although he had left most of it at home, however his quality could not be denied. Excellent construction, round bone and neat feet, strong pasterns’ front and rear. Excellent well muscled neck, correct withers, good forechest, oval rib, strong loin and beautifully angulated throughout. Moved with strength and purpose. Ultra flat skull, slight stop, good pigment. On his toes and working well for his handler. Wish he had been shown with just a tad more coat, things could have been different!

2)       2) Collino's IMAGINIST EDGE OF CHAOS. Loved the eye and expression on this dog, another blue merle of good colour and attractively marked. Very slightly deep in stop but his head is clean through the cheeks and skull. Good neck and shoulder. He is a big lad and needs time for his body to drop into his frame. Moved soundly and with drive.

3)       3) Dawson's CAPRIORA BLACK AMULET. Tricolour of nice type with superb construction, sadly another with his coat hung on the peg at home!

Post Graduate D (11:1)

1)    Howard's CORYDON LOOK AT ME FROM SHANDLMAIN. Have placed this sable dog well in the past and still love him. His head is the Breed standard personified. Beautifully chiselled clean wedge with no flare through the cheeks and side skull, no excessive depth, absolutely the right amount of well placed stop. Well formed chin and tight lip line. His ears are oh so neat and his dark eyes are correctly set giving an intelligent, masculine yet sweet expression.To be critical I would prefer a tad more overall substance, but he has a good length of neck and good angulations front and rear. Movement is light and free moving with excellent tail carriage. Well presented. RBD

2)       2) Dinnadge' BELLCOT BLUE CAVALIER. Another nice blue that pushed my class winner very hard. Just lacks a little in maturity but has every ingredient to make a super dog. This boy has the bone and substance I am looking for, that together with his sound construction, gave him strong positive free flowing movement. A little stronger in skull than my winner and this created a wider ear placement.

3)       3) Atkinson's HASSALIAN NIGHTHAWK

Open Dog (7:2)

1)       1) Milligan's ALFSDEN HALLELUJAH. Well constructed all male Collie, his inky black coat was beautifully presented fitting his outline to create a very pleasing picture. Standing he is dignified and responsive to his handler. Grand bone, strong parallel hocks, neat compact feet. Adequate length of well muscled neck with the correct arch, good lay of shoulder. Presents a balanced outline both standing and on the move. His head is balanced and of good length with no flare, although I would prefer a better finish of under jaw. Glorious eye and expression. Excellent pigmentation. His steady calm unfaltering showmanship and strength of movement elevated him to BD. Well done.

2)       2) Collino's EILROY WITCH DOCTER AT IMAGINIST. Another sparkling tricolour of excellent colour. Very different in type to my class winner and he appears a little short in body and neck, but this is an illusion created in part by his abundant coat and magnified by his generally smaller size. Moves positively and with a lightness of foot. He has a superb fill and finish to his muzzle and chin and his expression would melt the coldest heart. Would like him slightly cleaner through the side skull. Well presented. 


Good Citizen Dog. (2:0)


2)       2) BROOKLYNSON CASABLANCA Richly coloured shaded sable of lovely size. Grand bone, soundly constructed and moving with strength and purpose, he really strides out. Head is a little flared through the cheeks creating a slightly fuller forward set eye. Well presented and responsive to handler, enjoying his day.

Veteran B (6:2)

1)       1) Collino's EILROY MOON FLOWER AT IMAGINIST. Beautifully coloured blue bitch who looks 5 years old...hard to believe she is almost nine! Very feminine without losing anything in bone and substance. Correct head pattern without a trace a coarseness and still showing a complete set of clean teeth. Beautifully soft, dreamy expression. Her movement in this class had to be seen, so positive and effortless.  Moving away from me her strong powerful parallel hocks have the ideal width between them that is very seldom seen. She has excellent front extension and keeps her level top-line.  Her superb movement coupled with her sheer femininity won her this lovely class of veterans. In the challenge she decided she had overstayed her visit and refused to entertain us again!

2)       2) Milligan's NENELAND NATURAL SPIRIT AT ALFSDEN JW. Another lovely blue bitch of nine years. Not quite the feminine charm of my winner. However she is another with superb construction and grand movement although not quite the hind action of my winner. Has an aura of calm dignity that together with her showmanship and presentation create a lovely picture. Two absolutely super 'young' ladies!

3)       3) Malpas LANLIN VIVA MARIA.

Puppy Bitch (10: 0)

1)       1) Geddes INGLEDENE THE DEVIL WEARS IT. Precocious baby that caught my eye immediately.The breed standard asks for dignity coupled with perfect anatomical balance.  My interpretation of perfect balance and proportions requires the length of neck, depth of body and length of leg to be equal. To complete this balance, the length of body (not the back) should be slightly longer than the height from withers to ground. This glorious puppy has perfect anatomical balance. Lovely round bone, neat feet and strong limbs.  Qualities that together with her fitted sable jacket, combined to present a stunning picture. Head has the length, strength and cleanness necessary to continue the overall balance and harmony. Strong well formed chin, flat skull, slight stop, tight lip-line, well filled foreface. Expression reflects a sweet and intelligent nature. On the move she strides out with style and confidence. She is young and consequently raw, and I was saddened to realise there was no adult to topple her. She has ‘the dress’ and wears it with poise and elegance; she now waits to graduate from finishing school. I shall follow her progress. In my opinion, she has it all. BB. BOB.BP. Lovely to see her shortlisted in the very strong puppy group!

2)       2) Mellish DEMELEWIS CATCH THE BREEZE.  Smaller tricolour of different type. Very feminine and sporting a lovely head, again with a wonderful finish to her chin and lip-line. Very sweet eyes and expression, responsive to handler and well presented. Moved with confidence. Won second place on maturity over a very nice blue bitch puppy.

3)       3) Gallagher's GEMHIED WRITTEN IN WRIBBONS. Loved the elegant outline, bone, substance, personality and free flowing movement of this blue bitch. Just needs a little more time to mature in head.

Junior Bitch (6:1)

1)       Corben's CAPRIORA TAHITIAN PEARL. Outstandingly constructed tricolour bitch, fabulous bone and strength of limb, her length of second thigh and turn of stifle gave me Goosebumps! Strong arched muscular neck set into a lovely shoulder, firm back, oval rib, good forechest and strong pasterns. This strength ignites on the move, she is a powerhouse. Head of good length, cleanness and strength without depth or coarseness. Very flat skull. Dark almond eyes of medium size are correctly set giving a kind, intelligent expression denoting the sweet yet alert nature of a sheepdog. Unfortunately she was in a total state of undress; otherwise she would undoubtedly have gone higher.

2)       Philpin's TUDORLYN LITTLE PRINCESS. What a lovely surprise this bitch presented! Upon handling I found her delightful, she is so beautifully constructed with superb front assembly. Elegant both moving and standing, her fitted sable jacket sparkling with health. Good head pattern although slightly different to my ideal type. Her outstanding quality of construction and balance cannot be denied. Lovely disposition, she enjoys a great rapport with her handler.

3)       Collino's IMAGINIST CLOUDED LEOPARD. Nice blue bitch in lovely coat and condition, was a little unsettled on the move today.

Post Graduate Bitch (7:2)

1)       Stillwell's BELAWAVE MOONLIGHT MELODY. Ultra feminine tricolour who had left her clothes hung in the wardrobe, although unlike my junior winner she was at least wearing her under garments! She has a nice head pattern with very sweet eye and superb finish of chin and lip-line. Well filled muzzle, slight stop and flat clean skull topped with neat well used ears. Although she is lacking in coat she has strong bone and moves with strength and agility. Her expression tells a charming story. She is a little straight in front angulation, a common fault today, and made more obvious by her lack of coat. However, in the challenge she stood so attentive to her handler, showing a maturity and finish that was lacking in my junior winner. RBB

2)       Smedley and Unsteads ATENDUS QUICK STEP TO ANTOC. Blue merle I have previously placed well. She has a clean head of good length, dark expressive eyes with good pigment, neat well used ears and a delightful expression. She has a long arched neck and correct angulation. She was such a promising youngster but has not as yet developed the bone and substance I had hoped for. Presentation left much to be desired. A clean coat free of mats is preferable!

Open Bitch (7:2)

1)       White's CORYDON MAID FOR MEJOLA.  At last a mature bitch showing glamour and feathers! Sable girl with an excellent head and shown in hard condition with excellent muscle. This showed on the move where she was confident and free moving with good extension and drive. Won this class on her glamour, maturity and excellent head properties, however in the challenge she looked a little ‘bum high’ Even so I considered her a worthy RBB, but unfortunately her unsporting handler (not owner) lost this for her.

2)       Hornby's TANZENNY EBONY EYES Sh CM. What a little star this bright red sable bitch is, always giving her best for her young but capable handler. Wish she had been in coat as she would have taken this class, but today was totally lacking the furnishings. Beautifully constructed and moving with joy and strength. Not quite the finish in head of the winner, but nonetheless an honest collie, immaculately presented, and showing a vibrancy of character that I found irresistible. Please let me see her in full coat!


Angela Harvey (judge)