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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


I Would like to thank my exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of judging their dogs and sportingly accepting my decisions. Thank you also to my two hard working stewards.

BOLSOVER & DISTRICT CA Open Show Saturday 11th April 2009







1)      Haines STRCO CASTA SPELL AT PADAWAN. 9 month old puppy bitch of superb workmanlike construction, moved effortlessly around the ring. Full of elegance, style and panache Beautifully balanced head with well filled muzzle, alert and happy disposition, super expression. I loved her overall femininity combined with tremendous bone and substance, correct top-line and angulation, her ring presence and strength on the move. Should surely have a bright future. BP and BOB, Well deserved.

2)      Dennetts CLYNALWINS GIOVANNI. Masculine young male of 11 months with a super head and good expression. Could not match the winner on construction and movement, movement poor coming and going.



1)      Wilsons IOLANDA VON KIMON Big male, no mistaking his sex. Excellent temperament, good head pattern.  Incorrect top-line spoilt his outline. Moved OK but weak in the pasterns. RBOB

2)      Haines SHANDNBELLS FEEL THE FORCE AT PADAWAN. Another bitch from this kennel with superb construction and movement, a joy to watch her moving with such strength, fluidity and style. Unfortunately she was apprehensive in the hall which spoilt her expression, such a pity. Would prefer her to have a better fill of muzzle.




JUNIOR (3, 2a)


       1) Dandys STORMSMIST ICI EST DAKOTA.  Super fawn puppy bitch with oodles of personality. Absolutely loved her bright intelligent expression, so full of the joy of living. Excellent pigmentation, strong chin and muzzle.  Well balanced throughout, nice bone and feet. Moved out well keeping her level top-line and with good tail carriage. BP and BOB


OPEN (2.1a)


1)      Dandys MIS MARYSE FROM KELLBRY. Dam of the puppy. Exuberant personality, moves well but cannot match her daughter in neck and angulation. RBB




PUPPY ( 4,1a)


1)      Blakes CORYDON FOLLOW ME. Bright sable bitch, was a little overawed at her first show but at just 7 months I could forgive her, immaculately presented and teeming with quality. Solid in bone, super tight feet, beautifully finished in head with superb chin. Lovely expression from the darkest of obliquely set eyes. Moved out stylishly. BP.

2)      Whites CORYDON MAID FOR MEJOLA Litter sister and with maturity could change places. Very confident and super on the move. Loved her length of head and the finish to her chin. Stop needs time to clean out but when it does and the coat catches up, she will shine. Two lovely puppies.





1)      Blakes CORYDON CATCH A PIXIE. Bright golden sable girl with an exuberant personality. Nice head pattern with the finish of chin and lip-line I love, and have come to expect from this kennel. Super expression. Well coated, excellent bone, legs and feet, immaculately presented. Would prefer a little more length all over.


POST GRAD. (7, 3a)


1)      Phipps CAMANNA COMMOTION FOR OAKANMOOR. Ink Black tricolour bitch and another with a star personality. Good bone, tight feet, lovely short hocks and sweep of stifle. Good length to height ratio. Balanced head with a lovely velvety foreface and flat skull. Feminine expression. To be critical I would prefer less stop. Moved out well. RBOB

2)      Pratts ATENDUS NIGHT AND DAY. Gloriously coloured blue merle dog. Nice head type and good expression. Liked his length of neck but his hind angulation is not good and this shows on the move.

3)      Topliss JAYMARX BILLY BOY.


OPEN(6, 1a)


1)      Blakes CORYDON ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.  Wow! Stunning Blue dog, My notes say Elegance personified and it is true, he is absolutely brimming with elegance and style. So balanced, tremendous length of neck, on the move he floats. Lovely head pattern with fabulous eye and expression, small mobile ears finish the picture. I was captivated. BOB

2)      Whites MEJOLA WICKED LADY. Tricolour bitch of ideal size and proportions. Very sound on the move and no surprise as she is so well angulated. Clean head with no flare and another with that superb finish to her chin, lovely eye and expression.






JUNIOR (3,2a)


1)      Drobrowslskis PELIDO SOPHIA LOREN AT TRILEADA. Feminine puppy bitch with fabulous pigment and a super expression. Moved soundly but would prefer her a little longer all over, this may come with maturity. BP



1)      Currys SWEETLY SCRUMPTIOUS WITH DAVANKIRK. Beautifully constructed bitch who was superb on the move, very collected and fluid and keeping her top-line. Nice head pattern, not quite the expression of my open winner but still a very nice bitch. Loved her overall balance and shape.


OPEN (2)


1)      Cantys BARGEMON EN VOGUE. I absolutely loved this bitch and knew she would be my winner as soon as I saw her. Stylish and fluid on the move, hind action was very strong and no wonder, as standing she fills the eye with her shape appeal. Really stands out at the back which is something I was looking for. Good neck and length to height ratio. Super head with such a wonderful expression, so bright and intelligent, she just smiles at you from those beautiful dark eyes with surrounding dark pigment. BOB and I was thrilled to discover she later went BEST IN SHOW.

2)      Currys SIREN IN SILK AT DAVANKIRK Another very nice bitch but she had left her clothes at home, moved extremely well, would like to see her again when back in condition.