WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Breeding traditional style Rough Collies ! 


First and foremost this is my hobby....Collies are my life and my love!
We have long term breeding plans that spread forward over the next few years
and of necessity we must keep quite a large amount of stock. Our plans work
toward opening the gene pool so that future generations can enjoy having a
Rough collie as a companion, we have introduced a true eye clear gene into
the UK gene pool whilst expanding our own gene pool to reduce the inbreeding
coefficient of our own stock. Because we wish to continue in this manner, we
must keep a large number of males from various genetic combinations so we
shall always be able to find a healthy dog when wishing to breed one of our bitches.
We are much more likely to know the health status of an animal residing in our
own kennel than we are of one living elsewhere. Some of our dogs are are stud,
but only to approved bitches.
We have imported 3 male Collies of NA bloodlines with a 4th male on the way. We
have also imported a bitch and have plans to introduce a second bitch too. In this
we are able to open up the gene pool; increasing vigor and strengthening the immune
system, and doing our small part in eradicating the possibility of severe eye disease
and other health issues. The Collie is basically a healthy breed, we want to keep it that
way. Reduction in the gene pool has been worrying us for some time, we decided to
take the BLUE pill, and step outside the 'matrix'.  We have joined the small number of
UK breeders who have chosen to work toward widening the existing UK gene pool.
Having already studied the breed for 40 years, i am still learning. Ignorance is bliss as
the saying goes...how true! Once the scales have been removed from our eyes we are left
with a huge responsibility, and we must be prepared to change and adapt if need be.
It is no longer simply a matter of breeding 'what we like' i personally have
replaced this attitude, i now believe it is my duty to the Breed to put health and function
above all else! If such collies do not win in the show ring i feel saddened but i shall
soldier on, i will not allow fashion to dictate the breeds future within my own kennel.
Collies from France and other parts of Europe are mainly bred from ENGLISH
Collies bred in North America represent a TRUE out-cross, because they have been
bred down from Collies exported around the time of the second world war and earlier.
I believe my collies are bred to fit the BREED STANDARD, i breed for sound
construction, tireless movement, strong happy personalities, intelligence, strong
under-jaw providing a sound base for strong healthy teeth, obliquely set eyes that are
medium in size and reveal the dogs sweet happy disposition, the soul of the dog can be seen in
the eyes! I am breeding for the correct wedge shaped head with clean cheeks (not short
flared triangular heads) i am breeding for the correct slight but perceptible stop and balanced
parallel head planes...but above all i am breeding to produce that Collie who makes the heart
skip a beat as he stops to listen to that noise on the breeze. When he lifts that long arched neck
and brings his small ears atop of his skull...and STANDS WITH IMPASSIVE DIGNITY.
We do not stop there however...we want to work toward an ideal world where breeders work
in harmony toward improving the overall health of this magnificent dog. HE DESERVES IT!
During 2011 we have bred a total of 4 litters, anyone can check this via the kennel clubs
quarterly BRS. These litters are presented below
1) McLeod's All Dressed for Wicani produced 3 puppies.

2) Wicani Sunlight Sonata produced 5 puppies.
and have SOLD THREE
3) Wicani Moonlight on Ice produced 2 puppies.
and we SOLD ONE
4) Wicani China Doll produced 5 puppies but only 1 survivor...
It doesn't take a mathematician to add up these figures...in 2011 we have bred a total of
PUPPIES...and we have sold only 4 of them!
Therefore it has to be said, if you wish to purchase a puppy from us you must be patient. We
are serious about widening the gene pool, we are serious about increasing the number of clear
eye genes within the Breed, we are serious about increasing the number of Rough collies born
without the MDR1 gene mutation, therefore we MUST keep large numbers of stock for the future.
Sometimes we are able to place an older puppy later, as times goes on and we keep puppies from 
from further litters we are able to reconsider who needs to stay with us permanently.
Keeping large numbers of growing youngsters, training them, socialising them, FEEDING them
is both time consuming and expensive. Importing Dogs from overseas is also very expensive.
We have 4 acres of grassland set aside for our dogs to exercise, we have a large barn
designed as sleeping accommodation for our Collies, it measure 50 feet x 22 feet....our Collies
are well mannered and happy, as visitors from around the world will tell you...
Why not meet them yourselves!
Visitors are welcome by appointment.