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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     



Sunday 26th August 2007





1)       Camanna Commotion for Oakanmoor. Nine month old tricolour bitch whose ink black coat sparkled in the sunshine. Neat head with lovely finish to chin and muzzle, clean stop, flat skull, feminine expression. Ears bang on top and used constantly. Good neck, nice length to height ratio, strong hocks. Presented a very appealing shape standing, well co-ordinated and confident on the move. BEST PUPPY

2)       Gemhied Wildberry. Another tricolour bitch of nine months. This young lady excels in body shape and construction, sporting the most elegant of necks and superb hind angulation with neat strong hocks. Moves effortlessly with strength, co-ordination and agility. Lovely eye and expression but needs time to mature in head.

3)       Jaybid Dream Lover.



1)       Eilroy Silver Locket with Aneish. Superbly coloured blue bitch and another very elegantly constructed. Lovely neck, withers and top line. Correct length and sweep of stifle. Lovely to see her stride out so positively and without any effort. Correct length of head with a wonderful finish to muzzle and chin although I would prefer a little more refinement. Well placed ears used constantly.

2)       Jaybid Dream Lover. Glamorous Sable dog, immaculately presented. Grand bone. Would like a little more over-all length.


1)       Gemheid Full of Grace. Blue bitch I have judged in the past and have a soft spot for. The best conformation and movement here today, she is so elegant, light and positive moving. Neck of terrific length with correct arch, superb length of second thigh giving correct hind angulation, finished with super strong short hocks. In lovely coat with long flowing feathers. Would prefer a better finish to her muzzle and chin, but head is clean beneath the eyes and into the back skull, sweet obliquely set eye. Reserve Best of Breed.

2)       Lamtara White Satin at Sandcourt. Pretty sable bitch of nice type. Lovely flat skull, clean stop, attractive eye and expression. A little over weight but did not affect her movement, nicely angulated, presented a nice picture.

3)       Sparkling Jewel. Third in a trio of nice bitches.

OPEN (7)

1)       Danfrabek Diamond Dazzleme for Avisette. Tricolour bitch who looked a picture of elegance, strong hocks standing out behind her showing true angulation and providing the correct balance for her well arched neck. Loved the length of head and cleanness through the cheeks, strong chin, and firm lip-line. Obliquely set eyes creating a look of nobility in her expression. Lacking coat but powered around the ring with style and ease. Best of Breed in a quality line up of nice bitches.

2)       Oakanmoor Forget me Not …what a heartbreaker! Superb head on this lovely blue merle bitch with an eye and expression to die for. Well constructed and in lovely coat…but would she show off her charms? I am sure she can move well too but was determined I would never see it. A shame as she is of lovely type.

3)       Proud to be blue by Aneish.