WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     




 I would like to thank these exhibitors for allowing me the chance to judge two lovely bitches.

 1)       Brooker’s CORONLEA CELTIC CONECTION WITH CORISIAN. Ultra feminine sable bitch; her bright golden jacket was presented immaculately. Well moulded foreface, good chin, tight lip-line, flat skull. I would prefer her a little cleaner through the side skull but at this age has time for this to develop and clean out.  Excellent ears combined with the darkest of eyes gave an enchantingly sweet smiling expression. Nice neck, top line, rib and croup, super feet, very positive on the move.

2)       Reid’s RONANSPREY SPARKLE AT CATCHWELL. Blue merle bitch who is just my type, had the show been held outside she may well have settled and won the class, it was a close decision between these two. Slightly longer cast all round giving her that added touch of elegance. Head is very clean through the cheeks which merge perfectly into her skull giving a true wedge; obliquely set eyes highlighted with chinks of deepest blue gave an aristocratic and alluringly sweet expression. I loved the length to her thigh bone enabling her to sport a very elegant sweep of stifle. Super long well arched neck was evident when she relaxed enough to show it off.  Later discovered she is sired by a dog I greatly admire.

3)       Gibson’s DIPDOWN PATHFINDER. Raw sable baby needs time to develop in body. Shows promise of a nice head type. Best Puppy in Breed.


1)       Sargeant’s COARHABEG RAPHAEL. Richly coloured, masculine sable dog.  Ideal for size and so beautifully balanced all round. Strong bone, tight feet, well muscled and angulated throughout which showed on the move, he is so light of foot it really is joy to watch him go.

Not the worlds greatest showman, but did enough to show off his well placed ears and glorious expression. Nice head pattern, he has strength without coarseness and is very clean through the cheeks giving the desired wedge and creating a well chiselled platform for his obliquely set eye. I found him teeming with quality; Scored over the bitch in the final run on his effortless movement and cleanness of cheek, well deserved BOB in a quality entry.

2)       Reid’s RONANSPREY ROBERT DE NIRO AT CATCHWELL. No denying the sex of this    
Tricolour boy. Well up to size giving him a certain presence.  Kind expressive eye, ears on top. Head although a fraction stronger than I prefer, is clean and moulded and in proportion with his overall size. Flat skull.  Shows and moves with great confidence.

3)       Gibson’s DIPDOWN JACKABY JOHN. Elegant tricolour dog, very nicely constructed body, unhappy with the hall today which spoiled his expression.