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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

eaca rough collie bitches

(Aqualita Class Act with Corydon ex Corydon be a Madam at Demelewis)

KAZMITH SPOOKTACULAR  reserve best bitch
(Myrriehewe Galileo ex Sundorne Chase n Rainbows to Kazmith)

SASSARI MOON SHIMMER  best puppy in show
(Wicani Waltz of the New Moon ex Tudorlyn Little Star to Sissari)

  Veteran. (13)

1)      Bedfords Ch. Sachenda Strawberry Rose. Ultra glamorous golden sable bitch, almost 8 years of age and looking younger than most 5 year olds. This kennel has a reputation for fabulous veterans and they have not lost this worthy accolade. In superb condition, her golden coat sparkled. Again this softer coat type has a tendency to hide the neck, but underneath this she is very well constructed and so very sound and light on the move. I loved her clean head, correct from every angle, and her captivating expression. Her movement and obvious passion for living gave her the top spot in this lovely class.

2)      Beadon and Duffields  Myriehewe Imagine JW. Beautifully coloured sweet feminine blue merle bitch of 7 years. Ideal make and shape. I love her head, eye and expression and she is another that smiles at her handler. Not as positive in action as my winner.

3)      Mellish's Corydon Be a madam at Demelewis.

Minor Puppy (12)

1)      Cozen's Bhyllsacre She's the One. Tender baby of 7 months. She has all the right ingredients in the mixing bowl and only needs time to finish the cooking process. So feminine, her golden jacket is very harsh in texture. She has quite a mature head with very flat skull, clean cheeks, correct stop and lovely finish to her chin. Her dark eyes are full of intelligence and her ears are bang on top, giving a very sweet yet alert outlook, in fact she never stopped using those ears and gives the impression she is great fun to know. On the move she is very collected, just needs time to fill out.

2)      Brown's Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa. Another 7 month old baby, this time a blue merle of lovely colour and very mature in body and coat. Pushed the winner hard as she has a wonderful body shape and lovely arch of neck. Very softly rounded muzzle, exquisite eye and expression. A fraction wide in skull and could not match the winner on ear carriage and animation.

      Moved soundly.

3)      Crosses Ladnar Primrose Path to Bocasa

Puppy (6:3)

1)      Jacksons Sassari Moon Shimmer. Shimmer is something she does very well! Exquisite blue lady of 9 months, I could happily have popped her in my bag and taken her home. Oodles of personality giving her added presence. She is petite and feminine but this is combined with the right amount of bone and substance. Super neck, top line and sweep of stifle give her an eye catching body shape with correct length to height proportions. Add to this a stunning headpiece and melting expression and one has something very special. So positive on the move, she out moved most adults. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.

2)      Blakes Corydon Catch a Pixie. Finer type of puppy who will take that bit more time to mature, however she has the refinement and elegance I am looking for. Very classic and feminine in style, pretty expression from the darkest of eyes, up on her toes the whole time showing animation and alertness. Movement won her this place today over a more mature puppy in 3rd place, she floats around the ring with no effort at all.

3)      Tames Camanna Chasing Rainbows at Rahlissa.

Junior (5:1)

1)      Stillwells Bellawave Moonlight Melody. What an elegant and delightful young bitch, absolutely classic in style and full of quality. So beautifully balanced in head and body and tremendous on the move. Loved her length of head which is so refined, and her exquisite eye placement. Ears on top and used to advantage, I feel certain this bitch will mature extremely well, lacked furnishings today.

2)      Randalls Ladnar Doris Day. Another bitch of classic style and looking fabulous on the move. Shaded sable with lots to like, would prefer a tad more refinement in head although her head has many admirable qualities. These two girls looked wonderful as they strode out stylishly around the ring together, both looking as if they could work all day.

3)      Pattersons Treeview Follow that Dream.

Yearling (3)

1)      Jessops Mysticteam Winter Skies. This feminine tricolour bitch is developing a real presence about her, helped by her lovely attitude and oneness with her handler. Superb outline, she excels in construction, using her ample neck and small well placed ears to great advantage. Lovely one piece head with correct stop and well formed chin creating a well blunted clean wedge. Sweet, quizzical expression from her lovely dark eyes. Absolutely spot on for size and substance, weather proof jacket just needs the addition of her adult feathers to finish the picture. Moved very well with lovely front extension.

2)      Jacksons Sassari Salsa. Pretty tricolour girl, seductive expression and another with personality. Different in type to my winner and would prefer more length all over, but she has lots to like and she moved out well. Both these bitches had shining black jackets and glowed with condition.

3)      Bentons Markenfield Phoebe at Oakestelle.


Novice (1: 5)

1)      Corydon Catch a Pixie

2)      Ladnar Doris Day

3)      Shafiques Razda She's Gorgeous.


Post Graduate. (11)

1)      Collinros Imaginist Moon Echo. What a wonderfully constructed and elegant blue merle bitch and such a fabulous colour too. As soon as i saw her move when I began with the class, I knew she had the chance to win it. Has so many of the qualities I am looking for and I feel with maturity this bitch has a bright future. Although not in full bloom her coat shimmered and shone with condition, her colour has the clarity of moonlight on ice. On her toes and alert, gorgeous expression, ears bang on top, clean one piece head, moves as if she could go all day.

2)      Arrowsmiths Myrriehewe Amazing Grace. I found these two gorgeous blue girls very hard to separate, so no real surprise to discover later they are closely related. Not quite the coat condition and absolute clarity of colour as the winner, and this is where I made the final decision. Otherwise they are so very similar.

     I would be happy with either of them in my kennel.

3)      Hamiltons Bellarazza Geraldine at Kiaminogue

Limit (12)

1)      Pattersons Treeview Pursuit of Dreams. JW. Glamorous and feminine golden sable with a wealth of coat. Standing she has an eye catching body shape, a real Marilyn Monro of a collie, and with all the frills and petticoats she has tremendous ring presence. Coat on the soft side but doesn't detract too much from her neck and outline. Lovely head, eye and expression, could charm the birds from the trees. Unfortunately she lacked drive and animation on the move.

2)      Dinnages Rayvel High Star over Bellcot. I had no idea until later this lovely sable bitch is the litter sister to my reserve best dog. Sadly had left her glamour at home but she has many of her brothers lovely attributes. Very appealing expression, and a lovely head piece. Moved exceptionally well which earned her second spot in this big class despite her complete lack of furnishings.

3)      Pitchforks Sandiacre Strike a Pose.

Open (6)

1)      Mellishs Demelewis Raven Moon. An evocative name for an evocative bitch. Stole the show on her femininity and regal composure. She has an enigmatic glance that defies the world, she's tops and if you don't agree that's your problem! This charm encapsulates all that is right in collie expression and she just bowled me over. She is so together on the move, a mistress of all she surveys. I could not get passed her. Arched neck, correct angulation fore and aft, petite but not flimsy, her tricolour jacket fitting her proportions in perfect symmetry. I loved her well blunted clean wedge shaped head and superb underjaw, ears bang on top, my only complaint ?she isn't mine!. BB, BOB and BIS and well deserved.

2)      Beadons  Kazmith Spooktacular. Wow !!!!! where has this fabulous blue been hiding? Pushed my winner hard for top spot as she has outstanding shape appeal and a beautiful fitted blue jacket of electrifying clarity with all the trimmings. Very similar in many ways to the winner, and another very sound on the move. Has that bit more substance which I loved, and her head and expression were an absolute joy. Raven Moon just has that extra indefinable quality of attitude which ignites a touch of added sparkle. RBB and in the challenge for RBOB she was narrowly piped by her enigmatic sire when she hesitated and lost a little of her enthusiasm on the move. Two superb bitches, I felt honoured to judge them.

3)      Collino's Eilroy Moon Flower at Imaginist.