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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


 MYRIHEWE GALILEO JW Best Rough Dog, RBOB and Best Veteran in Show
(Jasand Jolson at Birkmyre ex Myriehewe Persian Affair)

Judging Best of Breed

What a fabulous entry for my first UK Breed Club Show, I am honoured by your show of faith in me and hope I didn't let you down. Thank you to the committee, my ring stewards and exhibitors for a wonderful and memorable day.

Veteran (9)

1)      Beadon and Duffields Myriehewe Galileo. What a pleasant start to the day!

This dashing tricolour gent caught my attention on entering the ring, his harsh black jacket gleamed and sparkled and fits his outline like a glove showing off his superb body shape. Upon handling I discovered a masculine head with well filled muzzle and clean cheeks, correct stop and very flat skull. So animated and full of zest and this workman like attitude follows through in his movement. In fabulous hard body condition, not an ounce of fat to restrict his breathing. His elegant conformation is evident from every angle, and to top it all, he has a lovely alert masculine yet sweet expression, and he just smiles back at you. I have always believed a true Collie gets better with each passing year, this dog exemplifies my belief. He commanded the ring with his stylish presence and panache to take BEST DOG, RBOB. and BEST VETERAN IN SHOW in a fabulous entry.

2)      Bedfords Sachenda Soldier Soldier. Bright Golden sable whose softer coat texture somewhat hides his qualities. Upon handling I found a super clean skull with no flare, correct stop and well rounded muzzle, and he has retained a good finish to his chin. His dark eyes with lovely pigmentation give him a wonderful expression against his golden coat, and he is another who has matured in the best possible way. I would prefer him a touch longer all over, and he couldn't quite equal the front extension of my winner on the move. However he has a fleetness and turn of foot so absolutely typical of our Breed and going away from me his action was superb. I loved his hind angulation and strong hocks. Another immaculately presented and in sparkling condition.

3)       Marshs Fernlark Powder Blue at Bermajo. Fabulous type of dog who made my heart skip a beat, at 11.5 years showing his age now on the move....but thank you so much for bringing him, he is a grand example of a true Collie.

Minor Puppy ( 8)

1)      Shipp and Grainger's Mystic Touch of Tremaro. Eye catching sable puppy, very mature for his 7 months. Super outline with long neck set into a well constructed shoulder, correct amount of bone and neat feet, long well set tail, nice turn of stifle and strong hocks. A wealth of golden coat gives him a polished and appealing presence. His head is beautifully moulded with a nice chin, clean stop, his ears are a little heavy but they are well set, super expression and an exuberant personality. Very collected on the move for a minor puppy and shows himself to great advantage. BEST PUPPY DOG and BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW.

2)      2) Blake's Corydon Once in a Blue Moon. Beautifully coloured Blue Merle dog of just 6 months and obviously lacking the early maturity of the winner. However I feel he is a dog for the future. Upstanding size and so elegant both standing and on the move. His construction is wonderful from his long arched neck to the end of his ultra long tail. His head has the length and cleanness I am looking for with the most superb finish to his chin creating the well blunted muzzle we are in danger of losing. Ears bang on top, eye shape and expression are exemplary. At the moment he needs a lot of time to fill out in skull and body, but he moved with wings on his feet. I look forward to seeing the mature dog.

3)      Randall's Ladnar Kingfisher

Puppy (2:2)

1)      C. Once in a Blue Moon

2)      South's Uffspring Untouchable. Attractive Sable dog, refined head which I feel has room to fill out and mature along correct lines. Super ear placement and attentive to handler. Almost 10 months and in excellent jacket although at present he is still a little lacking in substance. His movement is very good and in this he appealed to me greatly. I feel he is another that needs more time but has the makings of a nice dog.

3)      Fullers Damos Diamond Legend

Junior (3:1)

1)      Collinos Eilroy Witch Doctor. Another eye catching tricolour with superb outline, his jet black coat and huge white collar enhancing the over all picture.

Absolutely my type of head being clean through the cheeks, very correct in profile and with a superb finish to his chin and lip-line. Expression melts, his eyes are the correct size, well placed, dark and so full of mischief.

He is a dog rich in the elegance and dignity I love so much and these ingredients will make a very impressive dog with maturity. Moved superbly from all angles.

2)      U. Untouchable

3)      Atkinsons Hassallian Nighthawk

Yearling (6)

1)      Pryos Aqualita Midas Touch. Shaded sable dog in possession of a wonderful quality head piece. He has such a beautiful well rounded muzzle and a wonderful finish to his underjaw. Super flat skull, I could have stood my cup of tea on it..!! Dark obliquely set eye with lovely surrounding pigment gives such a soft and gentle expression. Absolutely no flare through the cheeks. Soundly constructed and collected on the move keeping his top line and carrying his tail well. Just needs to mature in body.

2)      Jackson�s Mysticteam Quicksilver to Sassari. Eye catching blue dog with tremendous presence, he pushed the winner hard. Excellent clarity of colour. Slightly shorter in head which still requires that bit of time to finish, however his head is correct and another with a well formed chin and tight lip-line. Flat skull and clean through the cheeks, and a lovely bright cheeky expression. I fell in love with his superb hind angulation and here he scored over my winner, he stands out so strong and correct at the back presenting a lovely finished picture of balance. Moved out very well. Two dogs with the ingredients to mature into something special.

3)      Corbens Mysticteam Bond on Bond.

Novice (2: 5)

1)      Mystic Touch of Tremaro

2)      Uffspring Untouchable

3)      Santa Cruz of Tremaro

Post Graduate (6:1)

1)      Atkinsons Hassallian Golden Symphony. Another dog with tremendous presence, this time a gloriously coloured rich shaded sable. He caught my eye as soon as he walked into the ring. I love his long arched neck enhanced with shawl white collar giving him such elegance of outline, no mistaking this is a Collie! His head is pleasing to handle and clean through the cheeks, a tad too deep in stop and I would prefer slightly more underjaw but this does not detract from the over all harmony and beautiful picture he presents. His expression is superb and so typical, and his ears are bang on top. I love his overall type, balance and dignity. Lacks a little oomph on the move but he is collected and sound. A very nice dog.

2)      Arrowsmiths Saganan Aristotle. Another tricolour dog with lots to like. He scored particularly well in construction and movement. A wealth of harsh jet black coat with rich tan points he paints a very attractive picture both standing and moving. His head is a tad strong through the cheeks which creates a slightly more open eye, and he is another who I feel will benefit from time.

Well presented and handled. 

3)      Hortenstines, Carristina Patriot Toast

Limit (9:2)

1)      Planks Rayvel Da Vinci. I have been a secret admirer of this dog since I first saw him as a puppy and I was thrilled to discover his owner had entered him today. Although his coat texture is a tad too soft, he manages to be ultra glamorous without losing his elegant shape. He is not a big dog but he retains his masculinity. He has a captivating presence and quality about him that is nothing short of magical. I love his length and arch of neck, beneath the glamour is a dog brimming with workmanlike construction, this is revealed particularly well when requested to move. It is one thing to move soundly, it is another to move typical of a Rough Collie, this boy succeeds. I just love his turn of foot and the knack he has of flexing the hock as his foot strikes the ground, effortlessly propelling him on as if he is floating on air. He has a masculine well moulded head and super expression.  If he can gain a little more confidence and carry on maturing in like manner, he must surely continue on the path to higher accolades. RBD

2)      Beardsworths Maysinder Pride of Athens. Standing this dog fills the eye, he is so statuesque with his fabulous long arched neck and his blue merle coat of outstanding clarity. When allowed to settle himself naturally he has a superb bend of stifle and strong hocks and every inch of him screams dignity. Head has length and cleanness and is beautifully balanced and he has an eye and expression that I find exquisite, I would prefer a better finish to his underjaw, and a little more width to his chest. Today he fell apart on the move, perhaps he is being moved at the wrong speed?

3)      Atkinsons Hassallian Golden Concord.

Open (5:2)

1)      Maysinder Pride of Athens.

2)      Beadon and Duffields Myriehewe Hawkwing. Another tricolour dog that typifies the Breed with his elegance of outline. Very similar remarks apply to those of my winner. I love his eye size, shape and placement giving such a regal and dignified expression. Superb cleanness of cheek. He fails somewhat in head profile but the overall look is one of classical elegance and aristocracy.

He disappointed me a little on the move today.

3)      Carristina Patriot Toast.