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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


Best of Breed and RBIS
(Ch. Int Ch. Lux. Ch. Foxearth High Frequency ex Pelghert Private Dancer)

Post Graduate (2)

1)      Griffiths Alopex Confetti Blue. I loved this blue bitch, so beautifully constructed. Arched neck, correct lay of shoulder, strong top line complete with slight rise over the loin, excellent hind angulation with good length of second thigh, nice sweep over the croup, low set tail. Head handled very well, and here she scored over my winning dog, she has the overall refinement and cleanness I was looking for. Superb in profile with correct well blunted finish to the muzzle. A pretty, feminine expression completes the picture.  Very together on the move. Had I given a RBOB this lovely girl would have taken the honour.

2)      Tracys Cownbred Highly Motivated. Upstanding sable dog, moved at such a speed my eyes could scarcely keep pace with him! An attractive head pattern but a little upright in shoulder which creates too much height over the withers and shortens his neck. Nice length of tail, in good hard condition.

Open (6)

1)      Forbes, Ch & Ir Ch Pelghart Paint it Black at Willowhurst ( WW 08). It is seldom I have ever found a Collie of this size that has not gained his height through being upright in angulation, this dog is a rare exception! Upstanding and statuesque tricolour and no mistaking his sex. He has a commanding appearance and demands attention. Superbly constructed from the nape of his long arched neck to the tip of his long well set tail. To be critical I would prefer more refinement in head, although he has a good profile and is fairly clean through the cheeks and skull, just a tad too heavy. However, it is on the move where he comes into his own. In my honest opinion he is one of the best moving collies I have ever had the pleasure to witness....wow..!!!!!!! He took my breath away and I am certain he could drive sheep to market, enjoy a pint at the pub and still have energy left for a game, what a Collie. BOB and RBIS.

2)      Listers Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blue at Newarp. Blue dog with the refinement of head I was looking for. Facing me I loved the cleanness through his cheeks creating the perfect chiselling and enabling the eye to be set obliquely. In this respect he excels. I loved his expression. In profile would prefer more finish to his chin. Well formed rib and chest, strong parallel hocks, correct tail set and length. However not quite the angulation of my winner and consequently although he moves soundly coming and going, he could not match him on overall freedom of movement.

3)      Robinsons Dawcher Dream Searcher. Loved everything about this tricolour bitch, if only she would settle to the job in hand, she would have gone higher. Has the finish to her head, that elusive expression and on the move her fabulous construction is truly revealed, she was a real headache for me.!