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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Rough Collie Critique


I would like to thank my ring stewards;  also the exhibitors for the sporting way they accepted my decisions, thank you for delighting me with a super entry.

JUNIOR (6:1a)

1) Clapham’s SHANDLMAIN KISSES RIO 11 month old Bright Golden sable bitch well up to size. Balanced head with well filled foreface and good chin, dark eye but would prefer it to be more obliquely set, nice ear carriage. Super outline she stands on lovely strong hocks positioned correctly behind the tail set, good length to height ratio, fair length of neck set into sound shoulders. Moves true although a little sluggish. BEST PUPPY IN BREED

2) White’s MEJOLA WICKED LADY         




1) Gallagher’s GEMHEID FULL OF GRACE have judged this bitch before and how she has improved. At two and a half  years still maturing in head but I like the overall length, balance, refinement and femininity although she still needs to finish in foreface and develop a little more definition in the stop. Those who wish to learn how a collie should be constructed could do no better than to examine this bitch as her elegance of construction is outstanding. Absolutely superb hind quarters, neck, withers and top line, correct length to height ratio, stands with her hind feet in the correct position, so important to overall balance. Oval rib cage allows correct front movement, she floats effortlessly around the ring at the correct speed. The Collie is a drover’s dog and requires a strong steady gait with flexible hocks and good front extension. High speed is not the main objective in our breed. Her obliquely set eyes are sapphire blue but this in no way detracts from her overall expression. Just wish her blue merle colour had more clarity, although she is very well marked. Well deserved BOB.

OPEN (8.7A)

What a disappointment to find only one present from such a wonderful class entry.

1) White’s CORYDON CORACAT FOR MAJOLA.  Intensely black tricolour bitch of good overall shape and construction. Flat back skull and well filled foreface, good strength of chin and tight lip line although her head lacks the overall refinement and femininity I was seeking. However she is a good honest Collie and moved very positively which gave her Reserve BOB over the puppy.