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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Goosnargh & Longridge Agricultural Show

       I thank exhibitors for giving me a good entry of 15 collies, however due to the torrential rain, only a handful turned up on the day. These brave souls had dogs with excellent water resistant jackets (unlike me) In these extreme conditions i judged mainly on the move. After much experience, and having owned so many collies that i have long since lost count, i am able to judge conformation without the need for heavy hands on; and a wet coat hides nothing. All five dogs present were a credit to their owners, thank you for the pleasure it gave me to judge them.

Post Graduate:


1)      Williams ESSANJAY BACK VELVET. Tricolour bitch who is a long time favourite of mine. Combines substance and femininity. Jet black coat fits the outline like a glove. Beautifully rounded foreface, refined head of ideal length, ears bang on top, alert feminine expression. Excellent depth of chest, correct body length to height ratio, arched neck of good length. Excels on the move, really powering along with good front extension and really flexing those strong hocks. A joy to watch.!


3)      Mellish’s  DEMELEWIS DAKOTA




1)      Mellish’s DEMELEWIS RAVEN MOON. Ultra feminine tricolour bitch. Had left her best clothes at home in the wardrobe but she has nothing to hide, in fact this only served to show off her elegance of construction. Another with a well arched neck, slightly more bend of stifle than my previous class winner when standing, on the move she just floats. Quality refined head with rounded foreface, flat skull and correct chin and lip line. Exquisitely feminine expression. In the challenge it was wonderful to be presented with two superb tricolour Collie bitches. Both alert, both feminine, and both moving effortlessly, Raven Moon is slightly more let down in hind angulation, Black Velvet has slightly more depth of chest. My deciding factor became the overall sheer captivating charm of Raven Moon; this elevated her to BOB. A pleasure to judge such quality Collies. Could happily take either of them home with me.

2)      Milligan’s ALSFDEN CIRCLE OF LIFE. I have to say this dog really surpised me, he has lots to commend him. Darker blue than i like but his colour is clear and he is well marked. Upstanding and all male. Loved his head which has length and is beautifully clean, moulded and topped by excellent ears. Good neck, solid legs and the tightest of feet. Would like a touch more hind angulation, but he moves confidently covering the ground well, long tail completes the picture.