WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Top photo is Griff age 9 months, second photo Griff and Morwen age 7 months .

Griff is a big strong lad and is now ten months, he is coating up nicely and the best dog i have ever owned, I LOVE this boy. He went out on trial to see if he has any natural instinct on sheep and he proved himself a worthy son of his working ancestors. He is sired by of our lovely Welsh Sheepdog 'Rags' out of a Rough collie working mother. He has an enchanting character. He and two of his sisters are living here at Wicani and we are enjoying them immensely. All three are cea non carrier, mdr1 clear and free of degenerative myelopathy. Reared completely naturally. They are fed solely on a mixture of raw meats (Tripe, Salmon, Chicken and Offal) with the addition of cod-liver oil and dried seaweed, these dogs are fit and active with fabulous bone and tight well padded feet. Litter sisters are named Seren and Morwyn. 

Red is a traditional coat colour in Welsh Sheepdogs and some Rough Collie historians believe the sable coat colour in Collies was introduced via this old land-race breed. 'Old Cockie' was recorded as being the first show collie bearing this coat colour and judging from his photographs, he bore a strong resemblance to many of the Welsh Sheepdogs seen working today. The founding male of the Show Rough Collie was a dog named Trefoil, he was born in Ireland, was black and tan, and along with his parents (also born in Ireland) he worked Sheep. His owner also traveled extensively in Wales and the dam of Trefoil was entered in the earliest sheep dog trails in Bala (Wales) it is more than possible that her owner took back a few Welsh dogs too. We are planning to reintroduce a work ethic in dogs with an 'older type' Rough Collie phenotype. They should make great agility dogs too and are already proven to be fabulous pets. As is our way, we only breed from 100% dna tested dogs, and our dogs enjoy a very health out door lifestyle, puppies are reared with love and 46 years devotion to creating beautiful dogs, we understand how the dogs digestive system works and wean accordingly, producing puppies far less likely to develop allergies.  Almost 50 years of  study both from books, great mentors and field work (hands on experience) back up our program. 

Keith with some very happy sheepdogs, look how high 6 month old Mink can jump, she loves jumping, it brings her huge joy. Below is 6 month old Moose, a sable merle, we just love his blue eyes. He and Mink are bred by a working Shepherdess, they have a  Welsh mum and a Rough Collie sire.