WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     






have both been DNA tested for DM and are CLEAR NON CARRIER.
With the very best will in the world a puppy can be born with a health problem,
However we are doing our utmost to prevent the occurrence of inherited defects.
All our puppies are examined under the British Veterinary Association/Kennel Club
Eye examination litter screening scheme.
Our breeding stock is checked by DNA for MDR1 and we are determined to
Hip score all adult breeding stock and do DNA analysis of any CEA free collie
that could possibly be non carrier. We are hoping to gain more Normal eyed Collies
and in time we hope to gain more non carrier Collies. A non carrier cannot produce
CEA in ANY of its offspring. A Normal eyed collie can NEVER develop CEA.
We are also opening the gene pool to increase vigour and reduce the possibility of
Auto immune problems.
Collies with a high inbreeding co-efficiency are now known to be at greater risk of
living shorter lives. By introducing new bloodlines from North America we are
expanding the gene pool, increasing size and strength, and greatly increasing the
chance of longevity in the offspring. We LOVE our breed. DNA testing is VERY
expensive, Importing dogs from the NA continent is VERY expensive. However,
the Collie has enriched our lives, the least we can do is try and preserve this ancient
breed for future generations. DNA testing is a wonderful tool if used wisely, however
the more we learn the more 'problems' come to light, and certain 'conditions' previously
believed to be 'congenital' are being revealed as hereditary, this is becoming a night mare
for breeders who must dance between the jigs and the reels, there is simply NO SUCH
THING as a perfect animal or human! A hereditary problem recently 'discovered' within
the breed is RD (renal dysplasia) this being especially pernicious because a dog can
have the gene mutation (which is dominant with incomplete penetrance and live a normal
life showing no signs. Others develop early symptoms and die very young. Many Collies
are thought to be carrying the gene mutation but only 3-5% of them will develop the
disease....oh my...it never rains but it pours. How can we know which puppy might develop it?
therefore DNA testing is worrying for this particular mutation and produces a catch 22 situation.
We feel the best way forward is to COPY NATURE...survival of the fittest has worked for thousands
of years. We here at WICANI are breeding for an HOLISTIC COLLIE. We shall breed only from the fittest
specimens, we shall choose dogs for our breeding plans that came into the world unaided and
with a will to survive. We shall choose the strongest Collies who we see as being 'fit for function'
We shall no longer breed between closely related stock, aiming to keep our future inbreeding
co-efficiency  below the breed average.