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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


 I decided to create a page showing the basic health stats of our Collies at a glance, more results will be added as we receive them.
We are presently preparing to hip score our breeding collies, however please read my thoughts on HD ( still in preparation)
Recently we have concentrated on importing Collies of North American lineage, this has cost us thousands of pounds and left our bank
balance needing time to recuperate. We are testing every dog for MDR1 and CEA....hips WILL be done shortly and the first dog is already
booked in for X-ray. Good-fellow is already tested for HD as is our lovely old girl Hadomars Touch of Darkness. In fact 'Angel' has absolutely
perfect hips, the score could not be better, she has 0 degree of HD. All Dogs we send overseas are of course tested for HD and the vast majority
have proven to have fabulous hip scores. Many of the outside sires we have used over the years have also been hip scored, and we will not breed
with Collies that have sub standard construction and movement. Luckily this has protected us to a high degree. However, watch this space for HD
All clinical eye results were obtained between 6 and 7 weeks of age. We do not accept the go-normal syndrome.
The expression 'Normal eyed' is given to dogs carrying the True
normal eye gene
(confirmed by clinical examination at 6 weeks of age but can be fully supported by DNA analysis)

Please read my comments and thoughts on CEA.
An MDR1 result of +/+ is the BEST POSSIBLE RESULT and +/- is he second best result.
It is estimated that only 15% of Rough Collies IN THE WORLD are carrying a normal eye gene, and only 5%
are non carrier for CEA (carrying two normal eye genes) we are doing our bit to increase this number!

Males.                                                                       CEA                      MDR1                         HD

WICANI WHATS NEW PUSSY CAT                  clinically free               +/+
WICANI NIGHTHAWK                                      clinically free               +/+
WICANI WALTZ OF THE NEW MOON               affected                      +/+
WICANI WRITTEN IN LEGEND                       CEA Normal eyed           +/-
AT WICANI                                                    CEA Normal eyed            +/+ hips B:B
CAN. CH GLASGOWHILL WITH PRIDE          CEA non carrier               +/+ Hips 2:3 (A:A)
CAN.CH. GLASGOWHILL FUTURE VISION    CEA non carrier                +/+
WICANI DARK CADENCE                               CEA Normal eyed             +/+ DM N/N Hips A:A
WICANI GOLDEN OPULENCE                         CEA normal eyed             +/+
WICANI DARK AMBIENCE                              CEA normal eyed             +/-  hips A:A
MCLEODS BECOMES ROBIN HOOD                CEA normal eyed             +/-   hips A:A
VAN-M GOOD FELLOW                                 CEA normal eyed             +/-   hips  A:A 
WICANI ENT'ICED                                         CEA normal eyed             
+/-   hips A:A
WICANI RAGS OF LIGHT                              CEA normal eyed              
SERYPHINA SPITFIRE OVER WICANI            CEA go-normal                  +/+
WICANI COMMAND PERFORMANCE              CEA normal eyed              -/-
WICANI DRAGONSBLOOD                             CEA Normal eyed             +/+ DM Normal 
WICANI AWAKENING                                    CEA normal eyed             +/+ 
WICANI POETRY AND PROSE                       CEA normal eyed              +/+

VAN-M MUSIC MAN PLAYS WICANI               CEA non carrier                +/-


SAILBY THESTARS TO WICANI                    CEA non carrier       


HADOMARS TOUCH OF DARKNESS               clinically clear               +/- hips 0:0 (perfect)
AT WICANI                                                                                                                             
CH WICANI TOUCH OF ELEGANCE AT         clinically clear                ?   hips 5:3 (A:A)

WICANI LIGHTS OF AMETHYST                      mild cea                 +/-
WICANI LOVE ON BLUE FIRDAYS                   mild cea                 +/-
WICANI WHITE LACE'N PROMISES                CEA Normal Eyed    +/+
WICANI WINGS ON HER FEET                       CEA Normal Eyed    +/-    DM N/N hips A:A
WICANI TIMELESS ELEGANCE                       CEA Normal eyed    +/+
WICANI VENUS IN FURS                                 CEA normal eyed    +/-
WICANI DAPPLED SUNLIGHT                         CEA Normal eyed    +/-
WICANI WEARS RED                                      CEA Normal eyed    +/-
SERYPHINA STAR SAPPHIRE                          CEA Normal eyed   +/+
SERYPHINA SILK'N PETTICOATS                   CEA affected           +/+ 
SPIRIT OF ECSTACY AT WICANI                    CEA affected
WIND IN HER HAIR AT WICANI                     CEA affected            +/+  DM N/N hips A:A
WICANI HUSHED REVERANCE                       CEA affected            +/- 
WICANI BLUSHING INNOCENCE                     CEA Normal eyed
WICANI REGAL ENTRANCE                            CEA Normal eyed
WICANI SOMETHING BLUE                             CEA Normal eyed    +/+

WICANI PICTURE PERFECT                           CEA normal eyed      +/- 

CHURCHOAK TEMPTRESS                             CEA normal eyed      +/- 

STARSWEPT VELVET AT WICANI                  CEA non carrier

STARSTUDED DENIMS AT WICANI                 CEA non carrier  

WICANI ENCHANTED REVERIE                       CEA affected           +/+ 

we will shortly send off  further swabs for MDR1 DNA analysis, and when results are known we shall
update our pages.