WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Meet the WICANI sable lasses

Wicani Enraptured

'Letitia' is one of my 'heart' dogs, she knows everything about me before I know it myself! Letitia means 'joy' and she has certainly lived up to her name, she brings us oodles of joy every day. 

She is a daughter of Wicani Wears Red (1 CC) and Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani. She is the mother of Wicani Rumours, Wicani Ravishing (retained from her first litter) and from her second litter we kept a tricolour daughter, Wicani Holda's Moon.

Letitia heads our team of lasses!

Letitia has a tremendous fill of muzzle, a beautiful expression, and she combines strength of bone and limb with absolute femininity. 
Wicani Ravishing

'Aisling' (pronounced ashling) means 'dream vision'
She is a daughter of Letitia but she is a more refined version, Letitia is feminine but Aisling is ultra feminine!
She is independent but still loves to cuddle and she proves time and time again that she can wind her paws around the heart of everyone she meets. 
Aislings movement is pure elegance.
We hope to mate her toward the end of 2017, this will be her first litter and the chosen husband is Arthur.
Wicani True T' the Mistress

Trudy is a rather petite female by our standards, although she is within the size set for females in the breed standard. She pretends she is a delicate young lady as she likes to remain clean and tidy, but benieth that sweet facard is a tigress, watch her fly after rabbits, but she always seems to come back looking fresh and clean and smelling of roses!
She is a 3 star girl for health.