WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Meet our tricolour lasses!
Wicani Empress Eugenie
'Eugenie' is named after a famous diamond and she certainly shines like one!
Eugenie has been shown successfully and is a first prize Championship show winner.
Wicani Witch of the Wave
This little witch is a born 'watchtower', she likes nothing better than to ascend high places and watch the world go by, she is a real dynamo !
Daughter of Sailby Thestars to Wicani and Seryphina Silk'n Petticoats at Wicani. After spending the last year on a farm with sheep to care for, she is now back in the home kennel. 
She is dna tested cea 'normal eyed' and is mdr1 +/+ she is unaffected by dm too. 


Holda is a real live wire and totally bomb proof. She is also another cea normal eyed (non carrier), mdr1 +/+ and dm non carrier. 

Waiting in the wings for photos is WICANI MY MOLLASSES 'Molly' is a daughter of HR Champion Wicani By Sword and Sorcery and is cea non carrier, mdr1 +/+ and dm non carrier, she is 'one for the future'.