WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Meet our tricolour lasses!


Holda is a real live wire and totally bomb proof. She is also another cea normal eyed (non carrier), mdr1 +/+ and dm non carrier. 


Here she is out of coat but wow, what a body shape she has shining through in the sunshine! Kazmira is a very noble and dignified young lady, and she is the lucky girl we have chosen for our next litter, fingers crossed she agrees and obliges! 

Kazmira will be mated to a cea non carrier male and her puppies will hopefully be born at the beginning of September, this will be our first home- bred litter for over a year, early booking is advisable, and we will want to keep something for ourselves too! 

Below is another photo of Kazmira!