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Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Meet the blue merle boys !

Wicani Paint by Numbers
'Monet' is (in our opinion) one of the best male Collies ever bred here. In this photo he is not in full coat and he is still only 19 months of age (photo taken May 2017) so he has lots of maturing left to do...but we love him! He is superbly constructed, plus he has a wonderful head and expression. He will never see the show ring, as his heavy black markings which overshadow most of the 'blue' are considered to be  incorrect, however such markings are NOT inherited, markings in the coat of a merle are entirely random.
To be honest, we love his markings!
He has some fabulous health stats. He is the only blue male at the present time, within the UK, who is known and proven to be completely unaffected by cea (non carrier) every puppy he produces will be cea clear. He is also genetically free non carrier of dm. He is pra free and mdr1 +/-
His first puppies are gorgeous and have fabulous markings ! 

A puppy from his latest litter proving that markings are not inherited, they are random!