WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     

February has just passed and what a February it turned out to be. Record breaking temperatures have enabled us to begin the years bathing and grooming two months early! Winter months are a complete waste of time as far as grooming kennel dogs is concerned, and I don't normally begin the long haul of 'Collie spring cleaning' until April. This year we have managed to bath and give an in-depth groom to 7 dogs before February had waved goodbye to us. Still plenty of bathing/grooming to do, but it feels good knowing the work has begun so early this year. Grooming is extremely hard work after a long wet period of winter weather, because kennel dogs still require outside running in spite of long wet grass and mud. Towel drying them all is an impossible feat when faced with the chore on umpteen dogs several times per day, so drying is best left to the use of deep clean dry wood shavings, that the dogs can roll in and self dry. Much mud drops off during this process, but the first in-depth grooming after winter is heavy work. However, once bathed and competently groomed, collies remain clean and easy to care for over long periods of time if the weather is dry. 

Crufts is just around the corner and we have plans to be there to meet friends old and new, hopefully I will have found someone to run our dog for me in the ring (I don't have enough steam myself) and this leads me to something else. I am looking for a young enthusiastic person with a real desire to learn about all aspects of Rough Collies, who lives close enough to come and help out once or twice a month in exchange for training with regard to grooming, show training and socialisation of youngsters. Opportunities to attend shows and help to handle our dogs in the ring could become a reality for the right person,  I am happy to teach all aspects of breeding, rearing, showing, grooming. If you are passionate about Collies and willing and able to learn, please contact me by email.