WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     





1)      Howard’s Corydon Look at Me. Most handsome sable boy that oozes style. I loved his elegance and aristocratic refinement which he retained both standing and on the move. Super length of head which is a perfect wedge and he boasts a superbly finished chin and firm lip line. Ears bang on top, coupled with his well shaped dark eyes, gave him that expression that is both sweet and full of nobility. Moved round the ring in terrific style. I will watch his progress. BP

2)      Philpin’s Tudorlyn Tiger Lily.


GRADUATE  (7, 1a)


1)      Philpin’s Maqueeba Lavenda Lace for Tudorlyn. My star today. Sparkling blue bitch of exquisite colour. Filled the eye with her overall elegance and regal composure. Still needs time to fill in back skull but her head has the length, refinement, clean cheeks, correct chin and slight but perceptible stop I was looking for. Correct eye placement giving feminine expression. Such elegance of construction and flowing lines, she floated effortlessly round the ring in complete unison with her handler. Had a persona of dignity, grace and intelligence.   BOB

2)      Collino’s Eilroy Witch Doctor

3)      May’s Maqueeba Black Beauty Dream.


LIMIT (5,1a)


1)          Collino’s Imaginist Moon Echo. One I have judged before and a personal favourite. Sparkling blue bitch that is ultra feminine in head. I adore her expression, so cheeky! Shares the elegance of construction of my bob winner and is by the same sire, so on the move she excels in like manner. A shame she was unsettled today by gun fire, she presents such a wonderful picture.

2)          Well’s Ladnar Highland Lad

3)          Redola Rhythm N Blue


OPEN ( 6,2a)


1)      Towler’s Redola My Three Wishes. Nine year old tricolour male looking well for his age and very sound on the move which gave him the class. Moulded head, masculine expression, good neck and overall construction and balance. A touch too heavy all through for my personal taste, but still a lovely dog.  A pleasure to see my class winners in the final run off, all moving out as a herding dog should.

2)      Barlow’s Sachenda Showman at Kalmia

3)      Colman-Smith’s Karlaina St. Louis.