WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Rough Collies are not the only dogs we own, although they have been the mainstay of our kennel since 1974.

More recently we bought a Smooth Collie bitch, her name is Glengorrie Black Flamingo or 'Zip' to her friends. She is a delight and no grooming in winter is a huge bonus now I am considerably older. Zip looks the same whatever the weather throws at us, she looks good the whole year round! 

She is a granddaughter of the Rough Collie Israeli Champion Churchoak Tattler who is litter brother to our own UK Champion Churchoak Temptress at Wicani. Tattler and Jezebel are out of Ch Wicani Lights of Amethyst, so Zip carries some of our own 'Rough' bloodlines. She is Zip by name and Zip by nature, she has a real zest for life. She is fully dna tested and she is pure for smooth, she does not carry the gene for rough coat. 

We also introduce our two Welsh sheepdogs.. Welsh sheepdogs are not Border Collies and they are not Welsh Collies. They are a land race breed bred to WORK. Our sheepdogs are from solid working lines. Here we introduce to you our black, tan and white boy Rags and our shaded red girl Rose. Both of these beautiful dogs, and our Smooth Collie, have been extensively dna tested. All three get along famously with our Rough Collies. 

In this photo gallery you will see photos of one of our young Rough bitches trying out sheep for the first time, she was fantastic. You will also see a few glimpses of our surroundings, we hope you enjoy being with us for a few moments in cyber space. Rags has sired a litter and we are having 3 of them, watch out for news of their progress. SEE OUR 'RAGS' KIDS!