WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Breeding traditional style Rough Collies ! 

WE HAVE BABIES BORN on the 25th September....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. Both parents are fully dna tested and we can therefore guarantee that EVERY puppy from this litter will be normal eyed (unaffected by collie eye anomaly) they will all be free from the mdr1 deletion gene (+/+) and they will not develop degenerative myelopathy (DM) 

All puppies will be sable in varying shades. 

Sire is our golden sable boy WICANI RUMOURS . This lad is Crufts qualified and is the sire of many winning show puppies including CC and CAC winners. 

Dam is our glamorous tricolour WICANI EMPRESS EUGENIE who is a Championship show first prize winner. 

This litter will grow to be of good size and will be traditional type. 

4 boys and 4 girls, two are carrying a lot of white, the rest have regular markings. 

3 days old in the photo. The photo is  taken with the puppies under an INFRA RED HEAT LAMP which does considerably  redden the colour. Photos will be added as the babies mature. 

We still have one male available. 

Here is 'daddy' Wicani Rumours...lovingly known to his friends as 'Scandal' he is a playful male with a naturally happy temperament. In this photo he is playing with his favourite toy, a green googly eyed octopus! 

Below is a photo taken at Leeds championship show, where 'Scandal' qualified for entry into Crufts 2018. 

Here is mama, her name is WICANI EMPRESS EUGENIE and she loves everyone! 

These babies are in high demand, lets hope that 'Eugenie' has enough babies to please her every fan. 

Email us for more information 

Gemheid collies are pleased to announce a litter due at the end of October from our lovely sable female Gemheid Rebecca and sired by Wicani By Sword and Sorcery 

Puppies are expected to be sable and tricolour.

These puppies will all be born free of Collie Eye Anomaly and Degenerative Myelopathy and they will also be free of the mdr1 deletion gene. 

Both parents are fully DNA tested. 

Doncaster (01302 845395) 

photo is Gemheid Rebecca, the expectant mum. 

Puppies will be of good size and traditional type. 

pregnancy is confirmed for our super sable girl Wicani Sugar Bon Bons (Bonnie), a daughter of Wicani Rumours out of Wicani Silken Feathers. Puppies are due around 20th October. The sire of this litter is Wicani By Sword and Sorcery 'Arthur' and we expect to have both sable and tricolour puppies. 

These babies will ALL be CEA NON CARRIER by parentage. They will also be MDR1 +/+ and DM free. We have worked for 7 years, importing many collies from around the world to be able to reach this point, whereby we can produce an entire litter of puppies that are genetically non carriers of all three of these common inherited defects. They are not only unaffected, but they cannot even produce cea or dm if mated to affected partners.  This litter are VERY special. We would prefer them to go to serious homes, although one or two may be available to loving pet homes too. Only 5% of Rough collies WORLDWIDE have these health statistics, this is an incredibly rare opportunity. This is the culmination of 7 years of ridicule from some of our fellow breeders who have preferred ribbons over hard work to improve health, 7 years of expensive imports, 7 years during which time we have been making use of over 40 years of experience in the breed, to combine English and American dogs. We have made many sacrifices to bring you puppies of this outstanding quality. All the DNA testing, all the love we have poured out by putting health as our main priority, weathering the storms when they appeared and we can now celebrate the sunshine. We are THRILLED. 

Strong of limb, sound of mind, active and intelligent and brimming with vitality..we want it ALL.