WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

We have a large home providing us with lots of work, and we are not getting younger. I have never enjoyed full health, but my wonderful and absorbing hobby has kept me going. We will not be having very many litters of Rough collies in the future, perhaps one litter per year. I have a lot of people on my waiting list, but honestly, I will never be able to satisfy every one of you. Our next litter is planned for the end of 2020 and we will not be planning another until the end of 2021. 

I have worked very hard during the last ten years to improve the genetic health of the rough collies in my care, using my 48 years of study, my 46 years of ownership and my 46 years of living with collies experience, to take the breed forward now that genetic testing is available. I have embraced this, spending many thousands of pounds on importing fully dna tested dogs into the UK, at a time when no cea dna free dogs were found here. I used my entire inheritance given to me by my mother to do this. As new tests have been developed, I have embraced these too. It has cost us a lot of money to do this, and we have never asked extortionate prices for our puppies, every penny has been ploughed back into the dogs, keeping them happy, healthy and fully dna tested. We have continued to move forward and now house many happy Collies, every one  extensively dna tested, and when we do breed one of our increasingly rare litters, we do so by using test results to ensure we do not breed any carrier dogs together. No puppies are born here that are affected by collie eye diseases, degenerative myolopathy, we produce no puppies that have two copies of the mdr1 deletion gene.  ,A few like minded breeders sometimes have puppies available sired by our males, and when they do I will advertise them via this page,. If you are interested, you can then contact those breeders in person. 

If you are already on our waiting list, please email me at wicanicollies@langtoft.net and let me know if you are prepared to wait or if you would prefer to be removed  from our waiting list.

Due to my passion for the breed and determination to breed dogs that are free from collie eye diseases, and degenerative myolopathy, I have made some powerful enemies, who would stop at nothing to bring me down.Such people do not wish to do this work themselves, but they don't like me inadvertently highlighting the fact that they don't!  I plan to enjoy my life now, here with my husband and dogs, following my doggy hobbies, which includes my lifelong passion with working dogs. Working dogs bring me so much more joy these days, they are bred for function, and I find this very satisfying.If you are interested in following my doggy hobbies with me, I hope to set up a few short videos, so call by from time and time, and enjoy our dogs with us.   

Thank you.