WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Rags sired a wonderful litter this year and we now have three of his lovely children. They have siblings in working homes. We are very excited about these babies who are by parentage dna clear of cea, pra, mdr1 and dm. They have superb characters, make less noise than our usual rough puppies, and show high athleticism and intelligence. We have given all three welsh names. The 'sable' (red and white) male is named Gryff. The 'tricolour' (black, tan and white) females are named Morwen and Seren. 

Rags comes from wonderful solid working lines and mum is a Rough collie owned by a friend, she has shown strong natural working ability.. She is related to Tully the well known working Rough Collie. I am passionate about working sheepdogs and the babies have already met lambs.

In these photos the triplets are 11-12 weeks of age. Growing up mentally and physically strong on a diet of cooked Barley, raw chicken, green tripe, offal, raw bone, cod liver oil and seaweed. But of equal importance, they get plenty of free running on grass! The two girls also enjoy mud wrestling.

Check out the new photos age almost 5 months.