WICANI: The home of happy collies!

Old Scottish Collies (Rough and Smooth coated)     


OUR STUD DOGS ARE UNIQUE IN ENGLAND, THEY ARE DNA TESTED FOR CEA (collie eye anomaly) MDR1 (multi drug resistance) DM ( degenerative myelopathy) we are the ONLY kennel in England to have proven stud dogs who are genetically tested to be free of CEA. A non carrier will produce 100% unaffected puppies. 


'Scandal' is a deep orange sable who will only sire sable puppies, even when mated to tricolour girls. He is CEA non carrier, so his puppies are all born free of cea. He is also mdr1 +/+ and he is free of dm. He is hip scored with an excellent score of 3:5. Scandal is a mischievous male who always wears a smile on his face.
We are thrilled to see his first children making a splash in the big ring. A son from his very first litter (Wicani Sweet talking Guy) has just won his first CC with 'best male' in Denmark, and here in the UK, Gemhied China Doll at Stregato recently won the bitch CC with Best of Breed at LKA.
Stud fee on request.

Above photo shows our golden boy 'Scandal' (Wicani Rumours) ably handled by our friend Heidi at Leeds championship show where he qualified for Crufts 2018. This is the only show he has ever attended...so didn't he do well!  


'Cadmus' is from our first ever litter sired by Wicani rumours and is litter brother to 'Sweet
Talking Guy' we love his ultra dark coat colour which will get even darker as he matures, he was born in October 2015 from a litter of twelve surviving puppies! 

Cadmus is a very gentle male but also full of fun. Like his sire he is mdr1 +/+ ( the best result possible) and he is also genetically free of pra and dm. He carries lines to International Champion Wicani Dragonsblood, Ch Wicani written in Legend and Wicani Waltz of the New Moon. He and all of his siblings have superb length of neck, a feature we love to see in our Collies!  Cadmus is a proven sire and is at public stud.


Tiger was born in December 2016 and is growing into a handsome young adult. He is always happy. Tiger is dna tested and proven to be another of our CEA Non carrier boys. He is non carrier of dm too. Simon has just sired his first litter and his puppies are of outstanding quality. We look forward to watching them grow. 

Tiger is carrying a tricolour gene and can produce both sable and tricolour puppies. 


'Remix' has matured into an incredible dog who draws admiration from everyone that visits us. He has outstanding coat qualities and a very sweet yet dignified expression, and is so reminiscent of his beautiful 'mum' Wicani Wears Red (1 CC) 'Rouge' 

He has sired one litter to date but we hope this will not be his last, as he has many outstanding qualities. He is carrying the gene for tricolour. 

Remix is cea clear (dna tested carrier) and mdr1 +/-


1) BALTHAZAR  DELLA PORTA SARACENA ( imported from Italy) photos coming soon. See his pedigree below. 

His mother is International Champion Wicani Poshly dressed. His sire brings us some quality line breeding on the Famous Swedish kennel 'Steadwyn' 

Zack is normal eyed (dna tested carrier) 

2) GLENOAK HOT CHOCOLATE (imported from Germany) Errol is from 100% American lines, mainly Milas with a touch of Tartanside and with one Van-M grandparent.