WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     


I felt truly honoured to be presented with such a fabulous entry of quality Shelties, just wish I had more first prize cards as in many classes I was quite literally splitting hairs.

Baby Puppies

What a stunning class of fabulous babies, it bodes very well for the future!

1)       Longrange Lancelot

My notes say WOW! This fabulous puppy completely stole my heart, he absolutely smacks of quality. Scintillating clear blue jacket enhanced even more by perfect marbling and a full white collar. Super bone, tight feet, already moves with the confidence and style of an adult, this boy knows he is wonderful. His moulding of foreface and finish to chin and lip-line is exceptional. Delightful expression, I could have smuggled him home in my suitcase; I feel he has a glittering career ahead of him.

2)       Moyhill Midnight Charm

    Aptly named tricolour bitch with sweeping lines over the croup and super rear angulation. Her confident poise, arch of neck and sweet expression presented a picture of true feminine elegance, moved very well.

3)       Longrange Lothario  


Minor Puppy Dog.

1)       Leawood Rasberry Ripple of Hillawns

Nicely balanced blue merle puppy dog of clear blue colour. Profuse coat of correct texture that fitted his outline. Attractive head although for me would like a tadge more refinement, lovely expression, well placed and used ears, confidant and alert disposition. Moved freely. Hope he doesn’t grow any bigger.

Puppy Dog

1)       Leawodd Rasberry Ripple of Hillawns

Junior Dog.

1)       Myter That’s my Goal for Karyshanty.

Elegant and refined young man with alert, bright and intelligent expression. His well fitting coat was of good clear silvery blue colour. Well balanced throughout and moved extremely well which gave him reserve best dog in strong competition.

He floated quite effortlessly around the ring.

Novice Dog

1)       Fearnach Into the Blue

Sturdy male who is a little on the big side. Head is of good type, and he is very good on the move. His blue merle coat is a shade too dark and lacks sparkle.

Graduate dog

1)       Trixandy Ace of Spades.

Tricolour dog in good coat, balanced proportions, nice chin and foreface, attentive to his handler, moved confidently and freely.

2)       Fearnach Into the Blue

Open Dog.

A strong class with some excellent quality exhibits.

1) Sevenoaks Mischief Maker of Jimeds

I really loved this dark shaded sable that possessed an excellent combination of elegance and masculinity. Superb length and arch of neck which he used to advantage in showing off his well balanced and refined one piece head. Super ears and expression, alert and on his toes the whole time. Good length to height ratio and nice sweep of loin and stifle, confident and positive mover. Best Dog.

2) Shelachan Best Wishes to Ellenyorn.

Another who excelled in overall balance, size, elegance and refinement, superb expression. Not quite the neck and rear angulation of my winner, but a very nice dog.

3)   Blarney Pocket of Mischief at Sevenoaks

Bright, alert sable. Very nice head type, has a certain charm that is not immediately evident but it develops as you watch him, would prefer a little more masculinity but he is still a very nice dog.

4)   Lythwood Silvan at Rhontar

 Elegant and refined merle of sparkling colour. Not disgraced by fourth in this very strong class.

Veteran Dog

1)       Mullafter Wee Loot

Tricolour dog of eight years. Very nice head type with lovely profile, grand expression. His movement let him down badly.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1)       Rhontar Melody at Midnight

Very feminine and dainty tricolour bitch, intense black coat. Pretty head and expression, good showgirl, moved freely.

Puppy Bitch

1)       Evad Irish Mist at Greenan

An absolute star from her exquisitely feminine one piece head to the fabulous sweep of her glamorous skirts. Completely filled my eye with her overall charm and sheer quality. Glorious expression, elegant neck, just the right amount of bone, tight feet, correct length of body. Ideal size. Moves with tremendous style for one so young and to top it all, she is a born show off. Best of breed, Group One and Reserve Best in Show….well deserved..!!

2)       Sevenoaks Red Illusion

Another charming young lady, the quality of my bitches today was excellent

3)       Karyshanty Gypsy’s Gold

4)       Lady Heather of Hawthorns

Junior Bitch

1)       Fearnach D’ One and Only

Another elegant and glamorous young lady, this time a tricolour of intense black and attractively marked. Nice head type, good neck, again a lovely finish of coat sweeping over her well angulated rear completed the picture.

Novice Bitch

1)       Nethercroft Winter Sky at Rhontar

This was my surprise package. At first sight I must confess to thinking her average, partly due to her lack of coat which could perhaps benefit from slightly better presentation. However the more I looked, the more I liked and in the challenge she radiated a look of charm and poise that elevated her to reserve best bitch. Pretty head from every angle and the most bewitching expression. Arched neck and lovely bend of stifle were clearly evident in her present state of undress. Moved freely and confidently, obviously adoring her handler. Would like to see her again with maturity for despite her lack of glamour I found her captivating.

2)       My Fair Lady at Cearthall

Graduate Bitch

1) My Fair Lady at Cearthall

Limit Bitch

1)       Longrange Libertine

Another very elegant young lady, I liked her overall refinement and fluidity of movement. Her glorious sparkling clear blue jacket although a tadge heavily marked with black, is of outstanding clarity. Lovely neck but needs to drop in hind angulation, would like to see her again with maturity and in full coat.

2)       Navarrem Queen Nefertiti

I was splitting hairs between these two lovely ladies, another quality feminine bitch.

Open Bitch

1)       Blarney Pocket of Money at Sevenoaks

Fabulous head and expression on this sweet, feminine and refined young lady, her eyes could melt the coldest heart, beautifully placed and oh so dark, enhanced by alert ear carriage. Would prefer more hind angulation which may develop with another year of  maturity, would like to see her age five and in full regalia. A lovely bitch.

2)       Longrange Liberty Belle of Larksmoor

I really did wish I had two red cards to give in this class, another totally captivating tricolour bitch, she excelled in elegance of construction. So beautifully proportioned and balanced from every angle, she has the fabulous hind angulation and sweep of croup I adore and it very nearly earned her that elusive first place. So collected and dignified on the move, it almost broke my heart to place her second, but the expression of my winner was so seductive. I have the feeling my decision would be reversed outside on grass in the sunshine, where the tricolour coat comes into its own. Two very lovely bitches.

3) Castlemerle Spirit

4) Karyshanty Wayward Dream

Veteran Bitch

1)       Yvonnes Choice of Rhontar

This ultra feminine petite ‘young’ lady certainly belied her years. Captivating expression, lovely head type, I was delighted to meet her.

2)       Mullafter Hunie Bunie