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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Suffolk Agricultural Association Open Show


What a wonderful entry awaited me with very few absentees. This really is one of those occasions when I would dearly have appreciated separate classes for the sexes, some lovely male Collies had to bow to the general higher quality of the bitches and their consequent lower placing really didn’t reflect how much I actually appreciated them. Several exhibits were well worthy of top honours given the right conditions. I would have preferred a larger ring to access movement and the cold windy weather does not add glamour to the outline and ear carriage of our breed, how ever I can honestly say that not a single Collie of the modern fluffy stuffy variety appeared before me, so I would like to thank those who placed faith in my judgement on the day. I felt truly honoured to have such a grand entry of wonderful breed representatives standing before me.



1)       BELLARAZZA GERALDINE. Classy young sable lady of good size and substance, lovely overall balance, very mature in head for her age which was correct in profile, flat skull, well filled muzzle, strong chin. Nicely placed and used ears, obliquely set eye. I liked her lay of shoulder and arch of neck and she was very positive on the move. BPIB

2)       MYSTICTEAM BOND ON BOND. Very raw Tricolour puppy dog, only just 6 months and needing lots of time to mature. However he has the makings of a very elegant and sound adult male. Super deep tan and dense black coat, his head needs time to clean out in stop but he is very clean through the cheek and has a good chin. Moved more positively than his litter sister who took 3rd in this class.

3)       MYSTICTEAM WINTER SKIES litter sister to above and very similar in every way. Would like to see these two again when older.


1)       IMAGINIST MOON ECHO. Absolutely my type of Collie and I could very happily have taken this blue merle bitch home. Superb type and so elegantly constructed. At 14 months of age she is lacking in coat but what she has shimmers and sparkles with such wonderful clarity, this is the true merle colour addicts are striving to attain. Wonderful head, Ultra flat skull, clean Stop, strong chin, correct lip-line, ears in constant use creating that elusive sweet yet alert outlook. On the move she is so light she hardly touches the ground, I am sure time will only serve to enhance her.

2)       LADNAR ESPECIALLY FOR ‘U’ AT KIAMINOGUE. Another pretty sable bitch of good size and type, lovely expression and soundly constructed. Challenged the winner of the previous class for Best puppy and it was a close decision, a nice puppy.

3)       MYRIEHEWE OUIJA BOARD VIA CAPRIORA. Tricolour bitch, elegant and soundly constructed, needs time.



2)       CAMANNA CHERRY PIE. Another very beautifully constructed and elegant young lady. Gorgeous outline, I loved her long arched neck and sweep of stifle into strong short hocks. Abundance of coat which fit the outline like a glove, dense black and sparkling whites. Nice head type which has the cleanness through the cheeks I am looking for. Her stop needs time to settle and when it does this will soften her expression. Would like to see her again as an adult.

3)       KAZMITH QUEST FOR TREASURE VIA CAPRIORA. Tricolour boy of good size, another with elegance of construction, moved well, needs a little more time to gain substance.


This was a fantastic class containing some exhibits determined not to show off their virtues which was a shame for all of us.

1)       EILROY BEWITCHING MOON. Gloriously feminine bitch of lovely type. Just coming back into coat which shone like a mirror despite the lack of sunshine. Very similar in head pattern to my previous class winner. Scores in eye and expression, so exquisitely soft and dreamy, in harmony with her name in fact, I certainly found her bewitching! Another who just needs that little bit more time for maturity to add the finishing touches. Superb mover, she floats around the ring with style and confidence. She topped a very strong class here and deservedly, she is quite outstanding. RBOB

2)       TUDERLYN DOLLY MIXTURE. Wow…another gorgeous young lady, of different type and bigger all round, she pushed the winner hard. Stunning shape, her elegant proportions are so typical of what I am looking for. I really did wish I had two red cards here. Super head in profile and another with a seductive expression, moved positively. Two absolutely gorgeous bitches.

3)       ALANITA LAVENDER HEATHER. Another bitch combining substance with elegance and a superbly coloured clear blue jacket. Lovely head in profile although a touch stronger than my ideal. Excellent ears carriage and alert enquiring expression.


1)       MYRIEHEWE MA BICHE. Here was my star of the day, she absolutely shouts Collie from every direction. Not petite by anyone’s standard but manages to combine wonderful bone and substance without losing her femininity. Her overall shape and balance is stunning, I simply cannot fault her conformation, on the move she is a powerhouse and yet so light and fleet of foot, as if invisible wings are aiding her. Long wedge shaped head is very clean and totally one piece harmonising with her over all size and elegance. Her eye is of correct size and shape and she has that certain look of nobility in her expression we sometimes forget should be there. In superb coat and condition and groomed to perfection, I absolutely loved her.  BOB in an entry of fabulous quality.

2)       EILROY MOONFLOWER AT IMAGINIST Dam to my junior winner and very similar in every way. Another simply stunning blue merle. Pressed hard here but lacked the coat and overall finish of Ma Biche. As her conformation would suggest, she moves effortlessly and in true collie style, head of lovely type and carried proudly on her long arched neck. Like my winner, another fantastic show girl, wonderful to meet so many lovely bitches.

3)       OAKAVILLE MACEDOINE Shaded sable dog who I judged and loved as a puppy, I can only say he was not disgraced with a third place in this class of outstanding bitches. He retains his elegance and charisma and his glorious shaded red coat sparkled. Lovely head planes and in possession of a wonderful laughing, intelligent, masculine expression. Moves out very well.

Here is my BOB winner below, owned by Lisa Pettitt.