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Rough Collie critique

I would like to thank the exhibitors for a fabulous entry and the sporting way they accepted my decisions. Thank you also to my two hard working stewards.
Puppy dog.
1) Leverton's RHODABERN BLUE LOUIS. Blue merle baby of just 6 months at his first show, super bone and over all conformation, long well set tail, moved well for his tender age. Refined one piece head of perfect length, beautifully chiselled beneath the eyes, totally clean through the cheeks with no bulk through the side skull, well formed chin and tight lip-line. Obliquely set eye giving a delightful expression. His one downfall for me is his colour, i sincerely hope it improves with age as he is of such a lovely type.
Puppy bitch.
1) Unsteads ATENDUS SECRET SHARED. Pretty bright golden sable baby, again only 6 months yet very confident and alert both showing and moving. Lovely size and bone, very neat feet, would prefer more length all over but this will hopefully come with maturity. Feminine head is balanced and moulded with a good stop and flat skull, well placed and used ears, ultra dark eye giving a softly sweet yet bright and alluring expression. Best puppy in Breed and i believe she was placed in the puppy group, well done.
2) Griffiths GERIAN SUN HOLLY AT KEIKOSANDS. This exhibitor unfortunately left the ring before i had the chance to make a critique, but i recall she is another nice sable puppy, not as together on the move as one.
1) Torbetts ATENDUS FRENCH SOUFFLE AT BOWMINSTER. Elegant sable bitch with a good length of body, lovely length and lay of shoulder, nice rear angulation, giving a pleasing picture. Good head type with the overall length and refinement i was looking for, very clean through the cheeks and a good finish to her chin and lip-line. Correctly set sweet eyes, neat ears and very attentive to her handler. Movement needs to tighten and i would prefer neater feet, but overall a very pleasing young lady.
1) DANFRABECK ARTIC DESIGN FOR JOTARS. Masculine blue merle dog of 14 months, refined head of ideal length with well formed chin. Excelled in eye shape and placement which combined with his neat well used ears gave him a lovely expression. Good clear blue colour, nice bone, long well set tail. Beautifully presented and a grand showman. He needs time to drop in body, moved soundly.
Post Graduate
A very good class and i was splitting hairs with several.
1) Levertons RHODABERN ROSE ROYCE: Exquisitely feminine tricolour bitch with a delightful combination of elegance, substance and charm. Petite but not undersized, solid yet graceful, her superb conformation propelled her around the ring, flexing her hocks and powerfully driving from the rear, perfectly balanced by her super front extension. Although a little too much stop for me, her head was so clean through the cheeks, no flare or bulky bone in the side skull, beautifully chiselled under the eyes which were obliquely set giving a most enchanting and cheeky expression. I would love to see her in full bloom, i found her captivating Best of breed, well done.
2) Raes ANTOC DARK MOON RISING JW. Jet Black tricolour dog in superb condition, good bone and nicely angulated throughout. Alert and very attentive showman, balanced head, ultra flat skull, dark eyes giving a softly masculine expression. Well handled and presented.
Open dog
1) Bendalls GEMASTRA TEASY WEASY TO CHEILNOR. I have admired this blue merle dog from the ringside and was delighted to have the chance to judge him. He was not however delighted to be here which was such a shame as he oozes quality. Good clean colour and nicely marked, in full bloom, well presented. His combination of substance and refinement is so pleasing to me, he is masculine without the slightest hint of coarseness. Sound on the move, balanced proportions, good neck with the correct arch, and a nice sweep of croup. One piece head is such a pleasure to handle, so clean and harmonious. Super eye. If only he would decide to show off his many virtues.
2) Thatchers BERMAJO PAINTED GOLD Attractive shaded sable whose overall balance gave him this placing. Grand showman, well presented and in lovely coat and condition. Lacks the refinement and elegance of head i was looking for but even so he presents a pleasing picture.
Open bitch
1) Torbets ATENDUS QUEST FOR LIBERTY AT BOWMINSTER. Gloriously coloured rich shaded sable bitch of elegant proportions, full of old world charm and true collie type. Head of good length and refinement, very flat back skull and correct depth of stop, super ears are in constant use. Although her eye is a shade full for my taste this does not detract from her overall quality. She certainly belies her age to the point of being a bit too enthusiastic on the move, but at eight you can get away with that, a truly lovely collie lady. Reserve Best of Breed.
2) Averys LYNVIEW MISS DAISY. Totally different type to my class winner and a little too short all over for me, however despite this she is still an attractive and feminine young lady with a lovely head and enchanting expression. Very attentive to handler and moves well.