WICANI: The home of happy collies!

 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Our 'Tofty' sheepdogs are designed with love, they are based on a cross between working Welsh Sheepdogs (a landrace breed) and Rough Collies. They usually grow bigger than the Welsh Sheepdog being more the size of a Rough collie, but they are more athletically constructed than Rough Collies, and carry a much more manageable coat. They are very focused on their human family, love children, are easily trained and are great for agility or families. Some are working sheep and cattle. 

They enjoy a range of coat colours including sable, shaded sable, shaded red, tricolour, black and white and merle (sable merle and blue merle)  As they are a 'breed' designed by myself, No 'Tofty' will be born here that is affected by CEA, PRA or DM and 95% are free of the mdr1 gene mutation. It is our goal to create a 'breed' that is 100% free of all of these problems. They have stronger immune systems too. Photos below show the first generation out cross in several colour patterns.