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 (Rough and Smooth coated)     

Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show 2015 'bitches'

I was honoured to be invited to judge today, having served on the committee for many years , and after attending my first YCC club show as a specator over 40 years ago. I was also born and bred in Yorkshire!

The breed standard arguably leaves room for personal interpretation with regard to head and expression, however my own thoughts are that true head type should allow a great Rough Collie to be interchangeable with a great Smooth Collie, because the standard with regard to head detail is identical in both breeds. I always try to imagine how each dog would look without its coat. I felt pleased that should some manic sheepshearer appear at the ringside to remove the coat on the bitches in my final line up, I would have been left with a ring full of very presentable smooths! 

My co-judge and I did not agree when it came to decisions relating to which Collies should take the 'In show' awards. We had to call in the referee who disappointingly chose to agree with my co-judge in everything. 

Veteran (3)

1) Steven's Boughlee Midnight Sky. The true to type Collie should be able to stand the test of time, but who would have thought my CC winner would have come from the veteran class. 8 year old tricolour with a superb outline, she fills the eye with her overall elegance and balanced proportions. Excellent length to height ratio and nicely angulated fore and aft, nothing is over done, everything harmonizes, and she has a super length of well arched neck and a natural calmness, giving her the impassive and dignified presence I am looking for. My one criticism is I would like to see a tiny bit more width to her chest but having said this, her movement is sound coming toward me. Her hind movement is a real joy and she still drives from a flexable hock which is strong and parallel and with the correct required space between the hocks when moving away. Maintaining a level topline when viewed from the side, she remains elegant from every angle. Her head is feminine and refined with clean cheeks, flat skull and level plains, separated by a slight but percebtable stop. She has not coarsened in any way with the years and has no excessive depth and no flare, and her dentition and bite are still excellent! Her obliquely set medium sized eyes give her the unexaggerated sweetness of expression that shines straight from the heart of a true shepherds collie, and personifies the dignity required by the standard. She is not chocolate box sweet, nor does she have the forward placed smiley eyes more akin to a Samoyed, rather she has eyes that are sweetly portraying the dignity of the breed she is. I was thrilled to award her the CC, I am told it is her second after a string of reserve CC, and I sincerely hope her third is waiting just around the corner, she deserves it !

2) Stillwell's Belawave Moonlight Melody. Another tricolour just approaching her 8th birthday and another girl who belies her years. No trace of coarseness in that clean refined head. Still on her toes moving on strong pasterns and with a level topline. Her chin has started to recede a little, but she is still one to be proud of!

3) Arrowsmith's Myriehewe Amazing Grace. Shorter bodied blue bitch of fabulous colour. Nicely boned with strong legs and feet and moving soundly. Her eye and expression have the wow factor, but I find her stop too deep and she is lacking chin.

Minor Puppy 5: 1a

1) Flower's Serenla's Keeping Faith. 8 month old tricolour bitch who appealed for her overall elegance, bone and substance. She has a very shapeley rear with strong well let down hocks, a good width of chest and correct ribcage giving her super movement both coming toward me and going away. Nit picking I would like a longer neck. She has lovely neat feet and strong pasterns and she is beautifully pigmented, her coat and eye rims are inky black. Sweet head is balanced, unexaggerated and clean in outline with a correct chin , good dentition and correct bite. Nice neat ears, well placed and alertly used. Her expression is soft and sweet denoting intelligence and a sweetness of temperament. Movement excellent for one so young. BP and RBPIS

2) Adam's Laktica Actis at Dycoshem (imp) this young sable lady has shape and elegance to die for. However today she was far too unsettled to show off her charms to best advantage! Super length and arch of neck and one of the best fronts I found all day. I would prefer her a little less heavy in head but having said this she is clean through the cheeks with the correct stop, a good chin and she has a sweet expression. When she settled down a little, I saw hints of superb movement. Needs time and patience to get beyond her puppy exuberance, she has a lot to offer!

3) McDade's Marjala Memories with Lyndale. Blue bitch with excellent bone and substance, strong pasterns and neat feet. Good length of neck showing promise of an elegant outline if she lengthens a little more in body as she continues to grow and develop. Head is almost too well filled for one so young and has a slightly heavy appearence, but her cheeks are clean, muzzle well rounded and she has an excellent chin and lip line. Sweet eye but the overall expression is marred by her large, heavy wide set ears. Moved confidently.

4) Boyle's Monsolana Madame Blues over Barrenclough.

Puppy 8: 2a

1) Abbot's Cotswoldsway Heart Beat. Beautifully headed tricolour puppy with an expression that is alert, intelligent and sweet. Super moulding of muzzle for her age without being overdone. Balanced planes have length and she has clean cheeks with no excessive width, depth or flare. Stop is correct too. Well angulated and muscled and she is strong and fluid on the move. I would prefer her slightly longer in neck and body proportions but this could come with maturity. She is young and not yet complete in development.

2) Laktica Actis at D

3) McGrath's Seryphina Orphelia. Loved the elegance on this young girl, she has a super length and arch of neck and wonderful length to height ratio, strong bone and active disposition. She just requires a little time for her body to drop into her frame. Head is refined and feminine without excess depth from any angle, and she has a nice eye with dignified expression. Would like a tad more length to her chin. Profile movement is excellent but she needs a little time for front movement to tighten.

4) Boyle's Monsolana Madame Blues over Barrenclough

5) Evans Ingledene All Laced Up.

Junior 7: 1a

1) Stillwells Belawave Caught in a Dream. Another young tricolour bitch brimming with elegance. Nice size, bone and substance. Her general elegance of construction allowed her to move exceptionally well in this class. Balanced head with lovely eye and expression. Very clean cheeks creating a true wedge, would like a slightly better finish to her chin. Good ears which she used freely.

2) Cronks Chelborn Kiss'N Desire. Beautifully presented bitch who is a non stop show girl, lovely bone and fabulous legs and feet. Well balanced and has bags of ring presence. Head is well moulded with a superb finish to chin and lip line. Well filled muzzle but she is a little too strongly boned through the cheeks which just takes the edge of the gilt for me. Moves very soundly. Bright intelligent, sweet expression. I just wish she was that little bit longer all over.

3) Hannah's Legend of the Flame at Strobroy. Another young bitch with oodles of elegance and refinement, super length of head with level planes, clean cheeks and well formed chin. Love her long arched neck and strongly constructed body. Unfortunately she was very unsettled today.

4) Imaginist Auroroa's Stone

5) Lizmark Bek's Beauty.

Yearling (9)

1) Watkins Aniesh Forever Blue. Loved this blue girl, she has a very elegant outline with super length and arch of neck, good length of body, rounded bone and she is well muscled. Nice turn of stifle and strong well let down hocks. In this class she moved out extremely well but in the larger ring during the challenge she lost her topline, she quite possibly needed to be moved at a slower pace. Good colour. Head has length and balance, flat skull and good chin. She has a clean head but I hope her skull does not gain more strength with maturity. Her well shaped eyes and those little blue chinks gleaming through the darkness gave an absolutely enchanting expression!

2) Copsey's Gemhied Lilac Light at Roshura. Another blue and another with tremendous elegance and strength of construction and movement, I was quite litterally splitting hairs with these two girls! I ever so slightly prefered the head profile of this girl because she has a superb finish of chin, but I ever so slightly preferred the expression of the winner. They are at differing degrees of maturity and could easily change places on another day.

3) Jackson's Sassari Sea Shimmer. Completing a trio of lovely blues! Petite bitch of shorter type and a little stronger in head than I prefer, but oh what a pretty picture of dignity she forms when she arches her ample neck and uses her regal stance to charm the birds from the trees! Nicely boned legs and neat feet, balanced outline, moves well coming and going but in profile movement she is presently a little high over the rear.

4) Maysinder Dancing Queen

5) Ladnar Kiss 'N' Temptation at Dycoshem

Maiden 9:3a

1) Collin's Orionsview Oiche Chuin at Rosscarr. Jet black tricolour puppy of 9 months with super bone and substance, feminine without losing anything in strength. She has very good angulation and stands on strong legs and feet with tight pasterns, and she moves effortlessly and with real drive. I would prefer a touch more length of neck but she is young and this could still develop. Head is clean and of good length with an excellent chin and lip line, her skull is well filled. I would prefer her to be cleaner through the cheeks.

2) Adam's Ladnar Kiss 'N' Temptation at Dycoshem Taller elegantly built tricolour, at the 'in between' stage between puppy and maturity and it shows, but she is a very nice type . Clean head, bright, intelligent expression from nicely placed and sized dark eyes. Ear carriage is good. Needs time to mature and to settle in the ring. Moved well.

3) Boyle's Monsolana Madame Blues over Barrenclough. Very petite minor puppy bitch with good bone, neat legs and tight feet. Nice length of neck. Unfortunately her eyes are far too small and although her head is balanced with well filled muzzle and strong chin, her head is too wide and lacks refinement when compared to its length. Movement is OK.

4) McGrath's Seryphina Shades of Blue.

Novice 8:1a

1) Beardsworth's Maysinder Dancing Queen. Sable with a beautiful head. It has length and balance and is well filled in muzzle and skull without losing refinement. Correct stop, strongly formed chin and tight lip line. Well filled beneath the eyes which are dark and very sweetly expressive. I wish she had more length of neck to give her overall shape that touch more dignity. Moves soundly.

2) Ladnar Kiss 'N' Temptation at Dycoshem

3) Monsolana Madame Blues over Barrenclough

4) Seryphina Shades of Blue

Graduate. 6:2a

1) Blake's Corydon blue Fizz JW Pocket sized blue bitch but good things can arrive in small packages and in this case they did! Confidently shows herself, standing with impassive dignity, and pulling out all the stops to show off her neck and elegant outline. Clean head, well formed chin, tight lip line. No excessive depth and no flare through the cheek which combined with the correct amount of stop creates a clean wedge. Her well set eyes combined with neat ears give a seductively cheeky expression. Collected on the move with level topline in profile, moves truly fore and aft. A sweet heart but with one 'If'....if only she was that llittle bit bigger all round!

2) Collino's Imaginist Wrenaissance. Dark shaded sable girl of much larger proportions. She has a beautiful head with well filled muzzle, correct stop, well formed chin, and flat refined skull, very clean through the cheeks creating a true wedge from every angle. Eyes are of medium size, beautifully shaped, ultra dark and obliquely set giving a wonderful expression of sweetness and wisdom. She moves well but her slight lack of neck denies her that little bit of extra elegance I am seeking.

3) Whittaker's Aniesh Misty Moon of Siluto. Blue bitch of good colour, nice size and over all balance and body proportions. Lovely neck giving her an elegant outline. Head is a little too wide through the cheeks. Happy expression but ears were somewhat eratic today. Moved soundly.

4) Vogan's Lenosann Angelic Dream

Post Graduate 5: 3a

1) Steven's Boughlee Sheza Star. Young tricolour bitch in super coat and hard condition. She carries a very dignified head that is refined without any trace of weakness. Super eye and expression, well formed chin and tight lip line, neat attentive ears. Good bone for her size. She moves effortlessly with confidence and is true coming toward me, away from me and in profile. Her ample neck is a little hidden beneath her wealth of coat but she still presents a lovely picture!

2) Allen's Aniesh Blue Saphire at Clymarian. Unplaced in yearling but in this class she settled into quite a show girl and with ears on top and behaving herself she looked quite a picture! Elegant and shaplely blue with a lovely length of neck. Good length of head with strong chin and well filled muzzle but too wide through the cheeks which detracts from the clean wedge shape of the ideal. Nice expression. Moved freely.

Mid Limit 3:1a

1) Collino's Imaginist Waxing Lyrical. Shaded sable I have judged previously and she is maturing slowly but nicely. Very elegant and dignified, standing with her long well arched neck and shapely angles on a body of good length and proportions. Well muscled. Her head is very pleasing with flat skull, correct stop, clean cheeks, well formed chin and tight lip line. Her dark eyes smiling and inquisitive. Moves with grace and ease. Shas not quite reached her best yet and has more to come, when completed she will challenge the best.

2) Whittaker's Jopium Magic Touch. Jet black tricolour bitch of good size. She is a real show girl. She has a nicely rounded muzzle, strong chin and dark eye. Unfortunately her stop is very deeply defined, her skull a little wide and her ears too widely placed, which combine to give her an expression that although pleasant just lacks a little in dignity. Moved soundly.

Limit 5:1a

1) Blake's Demelewis Catch the Breeze for Corydon. I think at this stage of my judging today spectators might have guessed I like tricolours! ...yet another elegant tricolour bitch of good size and stature. Good width of chest and straight front legs, well formed rib and shapely hind quarters. As always looking for perfection I admit I would prefer a longer neck..BUT..she has elegance and she has dignity and this shines through in her composed manner and it shines through in her expression. In fact her expression gave me goosebumps! She also moves with dignity. Super clean head without any excessive width or depth, super clean through the cheek, well formed chin and tight lip line. Flowing skirts and petticoats gave added glamour. In the challenge she pushed hard with her 'come hither' seductive expression, but the longer neck and slightly longer stride of the veteran bitch just edged her into second spot today. However it was a closely run contest. Res. CC, well done.

2) Arrowsmith's Saganan Lady True Blue. Feminine little blue bitch with the most glorious clarity of colour, scintilatingly silver! Very refined head with clean cheeks and a super eye giving off a very sweet and dreamy yet alert expression. Extremely well muscled and it was her strength and fluidity of movement that really captivated me. Would like her very slightly longer in body but there is no denying her overall quality. She was unlucky to meet the class winner.

3) Davies Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha. Blue bitch of decent size although I would prefer slightly stronger bone. She is a real show girl and in lovely coat with an abundence of petticoats and frills. Clean feminine head and a nice eye and expression, neat ears. She is an absolute showgirl but in her haste for the tid bits, she unfortunately insists on tucking her hind legs under her body, which completely removes all dignity and elegance from the picture. Movement is OK.

4) Ross's Danfrabek Bella Devine

Open 7: 1a

A strong class with some difficult decisions.

1) Geddes's Ch Ingledene All Dressed in Blue. Blue bitch of good size, well boned and in excellent hard body condition. Shapely and elegant in construction, her movement in profile is glorious and without effort, showing tremendous reach and drive and maintaining a level topline. Well filled head of good length, fabulous chin and lip line, flat skull, correct stop, good ear carriage. She has a lovely combination of sweetness and dignity shining through in her eyes. Won this class on her superb strength of profile movement and I have no doubt at all she could work all day, I would just prefer her to be ever so slightly more feminine.

2) Hull's Lizmark Gold Nugget. Smaller tricolour bitch who pressed my class winner hard. I just wish she had a tiny bit more substance but she is exquisitly feminine and has a certain charm that captivates those fortunate enough to experience her powerful gaze. She has well boned legs and neat feet and I like her neck, her curves and her angulation. Refined head is clean through the cheeks with a strongly formed chin and tight lip line. Moved soundly. A very close decision between these two, and hard to judge as they differ greatlly. I decided my class winner had the extra substance needed should she be required to work, but it was close!

3) McGrath's Seryphina Star Sapphire. I really loved her long clean refined head with good underjaw and correct stop. She has a head and expression that portray dignity. Everything is in the right place and without exagerations. Super shoulder, long arched neck and good length of body whch was in hard condition. Moved very well. Alertly used ears and sweet happy disposition, she wanted nothing more than to shower me with kisses.... Completed a trio of quality bitches.

4) Shipp's Rahlissa Snow Maiden

5) Danfrabek Bella Devine.


Judge Angela Harvey